automatically collect all functions needed for a program/project/toolbox in a release directory
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This function is to be used as a simple tool for creating release/basckup/snap-shots of projects. This might be very handy when providing your matlab-files in a project to others - by using this tool you avoid distribution of development files as well as outdated files.

MAKE_RELEASE - Function that makes a release copy to DEST_DIR of all files under DIR_PATTERN that contains functions that USER_VISIBLE_FUNCTIONS depend on. USER_VISIBLE_FUNCTIONS should be cell array with full paths to all the the functions that should be used directly by the user. DEST_DIR should be a string with the full path to the `release directory'. DIR_PATTERN should be a string with the absolute path to the root directory from which MAKE_RELEASE collect files to put in DEST_DIR. OPTIONS - if 'v' is passed the acctions are stored in MAKE_RELEASE.LOG

Notice 1: requires MAKE_DEPEND.
Notice 2: works under unix.
Notice 3: if you have a project under /home/you/matlab/qwe that uses files also from /home/you/matlab/qwa but not from /home/you/matlab/que you could use '/home/you/matlab/qw' as DIR_PATTERN in order to search for files in both /home/you/matlab/qwe and /home/you/matlab/qwa.

copyrigth Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-10-01

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