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How do I change the form of a value from patch to double?
Hi 수현 박, Looking to the documentation, you'll see that the second and third inputs for updateOccupancy need to be a set of XYZ ...

environ 2 mois ago | 3

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2D Occupancy Grid - Cell correspondance with the measured points
Hi Adrien, The map classes are a discretized representation of a continuous space, so when you insert your continuous data (poi...

environ 2 mois ago | 1

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Where can I get a correct example of Highway Lane Change project?
Hi Anton, Thanks for your interest in these examples. As Steven mentioned, the reason for the discrepancy is that the you are a...

3 mois ago | 1

How do I shift the plot of a matrix in a Binary Occupancy Map?
Hi Analise, When using the block syntax for setOccupancy, the first input should be the minimum corner of your block (i.e. bott...

3 mois ago | 0

How to calculate total distance covered, time taken and total angle turned by differential drive kinetic model of robot in navigatiom?
Hi Aminu, While navigating your robot, you will likely have access to the state derivative (or vehicle commands) applied during...

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I want to modify how inbuilt function plannerRRT takes nearest neighbours with some kinematic constraints
Hi Mukund, The distance and connection method between states in plannerRRT is controlled by the nav.StateSpace that it accepts....

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I want to define my custom state space in matlab for my robot,i followed this tutorial ,
Hi Mukund, Without any reproduction code it is hard to determine the problem. If you have not done so already, my suggestion wo...

7 mois ago | 0

Autocode Navigation Toolbox C++
Hi Christine, Most if not all features in the Navigation Toolbox should support code generation, with the exception of some vis...

8 mois ago | 1

Take only a part of a binaryOccupancyMap
Hi Simone, If you are using R2019b or newer you should be able to create submaps using the block syntax of getOccupancy: % C...

environ un an ago | 0

frenet coordinate system definition?
Hi Song, The reference to these conversion functions can be found in the help text of the trajectoryOptimalFrenet feature, but ...

plus d'un an ago | 0

Converting a Driving Scenario to occupancy grid map for path planning in Simulink
Hi Somnath, Rolando If I understand correctly, it appears you are trying to combine two separate examples: Create Egocentric Oc...

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