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Disable automatic conversion to reals
I agree that Matlab's way of automatically dropping imaginary part when zero is stupid, very annyoing and it causes extra proble...

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Why not possible to use property class validation with abstract class?
In the code below class fruit_t has an abstract method that is implemented by class banana_t. I can not instantiate a fruit_t, ...

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Matlab does not find new method in class folder without "clear classes"
I want to understand if this is intended behavior or dependes on something specific to my setup. I have a class in a class fold...

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What is missing from MATLAB #2 - the next decade edition
Maintain dimensions when getting a field of a class. If Data is a 3x2x4 array of objects/structs with a field "foo", then Data....

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What is missing from MATLAB #2 - the next decade edition
Fix the semantics of "clear". "clear all" does not clear all, but "clear classes" does. Go figure. I want a way to clear clas...

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What should go in a next-generation MATLAB X?
Most important Start indexing from 0 Redo package system Improve the class system Improve language a bit (like value += delt...

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How to set object property to Abstract class
It is stupid Matlab language design. It should be normal to define a property to be an abstract class type. As long as it is emp...

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Warning: Initializing MATLAB Graphics failed.
I have this problem. When can we expect an official fix?

presque 2 ans il y a | 2

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How do I add commas to numbers using fprintf?
I feel that in 2021 this functionality should be supported by sprintf/fprintf.

presque 2 ans il y a | 8


How to clear a TestCase class from memory?
I have an class based test case as follows (simplified): classdef my_test < matlab.unittest.TestCase properti...

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Misleading wording in the documentation on Matlab package (+) folders.
I just concur that this is one of the top stupidest design desisions of the Matlab language.

environ 4 ans il y a | 1


How to embed ctf in shared library?
I have this matlab function foo.m. If I run mcc -N -W lib:libfoo -T link:lib foo.m I get a (about 34k in size). ...

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