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Demo of various line codes and pulse types
This app plots time plot, eye diagram, and constellation of various line codes and pulse types

3 mois ago | 3 downloads |


Plot eye diagram in GUI
Demonstrating how to plot an eye diagram in a GUI

plus de 3 ans ago | 4 downloads |


randpdf2(x, y, p, m)
Draw random numbers from a 2-dimensional user-defined pdf

plus de 4 ans ago | 1 download |


Shot Noise Simulation
A simple piece of code simulating shot noise

plus de 7 ans ago | 7 downloads |

Adding and generation of poisson noise to a time varying signal
I'm sure you already resolved the issue, but here is a short piece of code that simulates shot noise, for those who might need i...

plus de 7 ans ago | 0


Random Telegraph Signal (RTS)
Generate a random telegraph signal

plus de 8 ans ago | 2 downloads |