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I need help in the code. what am I doing wrong?
Hi, I think you can just add a check for a ':' character in your code. Alternatively you can also use regular expression to do ...

environ 2 mois ago | 0

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How can I plot (scatter diagram) three data series at the same time?
Hello Robert, You can use conditional statement inside an array call to filter it with your wanted data: myarray = [500,1,2;50...

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finding equal (lon,lat) in another matrix of different size
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by A is bigger than B, if you can give a simple example of A and B it would help in helping y...

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How to plot multiple circles within a circle by using a for-loop for radius/center position?
Hi, I have been working with somewhat similiar plotting needs. To plot circles I used the polyshape built-in function with the ...

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Strange result of find function
Hello, I noticed a strange results of the find function today. I am using the find function to extract the indices of a time s...

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