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bias correction by quantile mapping
I hope this toolbox may help to your problem.

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how can I read multiple netcdf file using ncread in matlab?
This code can be used to substract the specific region from the set of netcdf files clear all;clc av_file=dir('*.nc'); ncdi...

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How to reduce the grid size of 3D matrix, (quarter of its original size)
I have grid data, (X,Y,T) x=lon,y=lat,t=time. The size of the data is (281*321*60), which is 0.25*0.25 grid data. I want to make...

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How to extract perticular variable from multiple netcdf files (daily data). And merge them together as a one .mat file.
I have sst daily data in .netCDF format from 1990 to 2020. some files have 365 days, some have 366. How can I extract sst variab...

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