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Differentiation without symbolic toolbox. Is it possible numerically?

plus de 4 ans ago | 0


M2014b+ graphics, changing legend orientation ex post
Under new Matlab graphics, changing the legend orientation does not work well if the legend was created with all 4 output argume...

presque 5 ans ago | 1 answer | 0



Orange Color isolate from the image
You can define a set of RGB codes that define "orange" color and then apply image thresholding like this: % Load image from...

environ 5 ans ago | 0

how to do differentiation?
If you do not have access to Symbolic Math Toolbox, you may want to use one of my recent FileExchange submissions: <http://ww...

environ 5 ans ago | 0

Problem with solving equation with 'FSOLVE'
To me it appears that the initial conditions to your optimization problem must lie within a specific, perhaps bounded, region. F...

environ 5 ans ago | 0

How can I maintain zoom ratio in refreshing plot?
You can assign a user-defined callback function to the zooming tool: figure; plot(1:10); zz = zoom(); set(...

environ 5 ans ago | 0

| accepted

Rotate the plot at 45 degree
I would simply rotate all data using the planar (2D) transform with respect to the origin: angle = pi/4; reference_line ...

environ 5 ans ago | 1

How to insert image in MatLab
imread() can import whole bunch of graphical data types, including .jpg and .png. Conversion to .png, as you ask, is not necessa...

environ 5 ans ago | 1

How to setup legend for a figure with two axes (left and right)?
You can create the legend using the handles of your line objects: l1=line('parent',ax(1),'xdata',x,'ydata',y11,'color','b')...

environ 5 ans ago | 2

| accepted

Please help me to solve this newton-raphson method
In this case I would go with roots([1,-16.05,88.75,192.0375,116.35,31.6875])

environ 5 ans ago | 0

Solving linear systems with the QR factorisation
[1] If the solution of Ax=b is believed to be unique: [qq,rr] = qr(A); x = rr\qq.'*b; [2] If the system Ax=b has ...

environ 5 ans ago | 0