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Daniel J O'Shea

Stanford University

Last seen: plus de 3 ans il y a Actif depuis 2012

Professional Interests: neuroscience, electrical engineering


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Neuropixel Utils
Utilities for managing Neuropixel SpikeGLX datasets, Kilosort2 sorting, waveform extraction and other tools

environ 2 ans il y a | 6 téléchargements |

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Cross-platform WYSIWYG figure export from Matlab to SVG, PDF, PNG, EPS preserving transparency

presque 6 ans il y a | 4 téléchargements |


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Convert table to ReStructuredText
Prints Matlab table object to screen in ReStructuredText format

presque 8 ans il y a | 1 téléchargement |

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Draws three-pronged labeled axis vectors that indicate 3d plot rotation

presque 10 ans il y a | 1 téléchargement |


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Simulink Manipulation Utilities
A collection of functions for manipulating the structure and connectivity of Simulink models

plus de 10 ans il y a | 2 téléchargements |

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tcprintf : ANSI colored output in terminal
tcprintf provides colored output when using MATLAB from a terminal using ANSI escape codes.

plus de 11 ans il y a | 3 téléchargements |