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Roger Parkyn

Hydro Tasmania

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Professional Interests: Hydrological and energy modelling


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Plotting timetable data: how to add x-axis ticks, labels and gridlines on 1st and 15th day of each month
Another way to get a vector of monthly datetimes to use for the ticks would be: t_monthly=[datetime(2018,6,1):calmonths(1):date...

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How to align the figure name to the left ?
Or just use a text label instead. text(0.02, 1.02, 'Some Title String', 'Units', 'normalized', 'VerticalAlignment','Bottom', '...

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APP DESIGNER - How to try and catch TeX syntax?
I don't know the answer to your specific quesion but this may help others using appdesigner: try some_code; % You can put ...

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time_boundaries(sd_start, sd_end, boundary_type, span_wide)
Find the calendar time-boundaries (e.g. month or year start-dates) between two dates

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equivalent of isfield for tables
This issue was also raised by Pawel Kusmierek ( <

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is_str_in_str(c, str_match, is_case_sensitive)
Finds whether a string (or elements of a cell-array of strings) contains specified sub-strings.

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Duration (CDF) Plot
A simple plotter for ranked data against empirical probability.

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Html Table Writer
Writes a cell-array to an html file. Numerous formatting options are available.

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