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matlab "FoldList" (generalized cumfn)
Thanks, Walter, for the info and the history lesson! I'm not sure how well this one could be sped up anyway- since the general...

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matlab "FoldList" (generalized cumfn)
Is there a Matlab equivalent to the Mathematica FoldList function (a generalization of cumsum, cummax, etc., with an arbitrary f...

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continuing a script after interruption
Hi All, I'd really like to have some "stop and continue" built into Matlab myself (another deficiency vs. Mathematica... for ...

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closefigures and docking tools
Clear figures window so next figure will draw in 1st (upper left tile), + docking control

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Tools to interrupt code (w/o preset breakpoints), add display and ops, and continue w/o restart.

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How can you twll within Matlab code when a render is done?
This comes up when manually manipulating large surfaces drawn via trisurf. It can take several seconds/minutes to redraw the ...

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How to color TriSurf faces ?
RE RANT: It all depends on what you are trying to do. One of the most common applications of triangulation is to connect sparse...

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