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Opérations sur les fichiers

Rechercher, consulter et modifier des fichiers et des dossiers

Utilisez des fonctions d’opérations sur des fichiers pour obtenir des informations sur les fichiers, gérer les fichiers et les dossiers et ouvrir des fichiers spécifiés. Pour plus d’informations, consultez Manage Files and Folders.


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dirList folder contents
lsList folder contents
pwdIdentifier le dossier courant
fileattribSet or get attributes of file or folder
existCheck existence of variable, script, function, folder, or class
isfileDetermine if input is file
isfolderDetermine if input is folder
typeDisplay contents of file
visdiffCompare two files or folders
whatList MATLAB files in folder
whichLocate functions and files
filebrowserOpen Current Folder browser
cdChange current folder
copyfileCopy file or folder
deleteDelete files or objects
recycleSet option to move deleted files to recycle folder
mkdirMake new folder
movefileMove or rename file or folder
rmdirRemove folder
openOpen file in appropriate application
winopenOpen file in appropriate application (Windows)