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Build, import, and interact with actors in 3D environment; access Unreal Engine® features

An actor represents an entity in the 3D environment that you can interact with or manipulate. Use the MATLAB® or Simulink® interface to build 3D models with actors in the Unreal Engine environment.

  • Associate visual representations, behaviors, and properties with actors, such as visual meshes, vehicles, lights, and annotations.

  • Define coordinate systems in which to simulate 3D actor transformations.

  • Organize actors into a hierarchical structure by defining parent-child relationships. These relationships allow child actors to inherit properties and behaviors from their parent actors, which allows you to more efficiently manage and manipulate actors within the 3D environment.

  • Control and access the actor object in the 3D environment to perform tasks such as basic 3D modeling and agent-based modeling, where you can create and simulate autonomous actor objects.

  • Build an appearance for an empty actor in the Unreal Engine environment using 3D graphic primitives and mesh data, or import 3D file formats, including FBX, STL, and URDF.

  • Simulate actors using advanced features such as the physics engine and object interaction events, like collision detection.


sim3d.ActorCreate empty actor in 3D environment (Since R2022b)
sim3d.LightCreate light actor (Since R2024a) arrow actor (Since R2024a) text actor (Since R2024a)


copyCopy all properties from another actor (Since R2022b)
propagatePropagate value of selected property to actor and its children (Since R2022b)
gatherReturn values of selected property from all objects in selected branch (Since R2022b)
findByFind all actors that match specified criteria (Since R2022b)
createMeshCreate new mesh with specified values (Since R2022b)
addMeshAppend mesh on top of current mesh (Since R2022b)
loadLoad or import 3D file (Since R2022b)
saveSave actor and children to a MAT file (Since R2022b)
createShapeCreate geometry for basic primitives (Since R2022b)


Simulation 3D ActorDefine actors in 3D environment (Since R2022b)
Simulation 3D Actor Transform GetGet actor translation, rotation, scale (Since R2022b)
Simulation 3D Actor Transform SetSet actor translation, rotation, scale (Since R2022b)
Simulation 3D Vehicle with Ground FollowingImplement vehicle that follows ground in 3D environment (Since R2024a)
Simulation 3D BicyclistImplement bicyclist in 3D environment (Since R2024a)
Simulation 3D PedestrianImplement pedestrian in 3D environment (Since R2024a)


Simulation Basics

Visualize in Unreal Engine Environment

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