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can you provide me a file about flux weakening model of PMSM in simulink ?

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tanmoy dey
tanmoy dey le 25 Fév 2015
I want speed control of a PMSM with it's whole speed range upto 3 CPSR range but in case of above base speed i am unable to model it, so if you send me some help then i can try with your help.

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Sabin le 9 Jan 2023
PMSM Field-Weakening Controller block in Simscape Electrical can be using as a starting point. This can be used on top of the Maximum Torque Per Ampere (MTPA) strategy. Alternative approaches are based on lookup tables for current references. Check also the Field-Weakening Control (with MTPA) of PMSM in Motor Control Blockset.

Raghunath Rachabattuni
Raghunath Rachabattuni le 30 Juin 2023
In addition to the above suggested block, you may also use MTPA Control Reference or LUT based PMSM Control Reference blocks. To know how to use these blocks, refer to the examples with non-linear data and examples with linear data (same link as above post from Sabin) for achieving MTPA and Field weakening control.


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