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To calculate the max speed which can be achieved in field weakening region

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Prashanth n
Prashanth n le 1 Oct 2015
i have done the simulation of pmsm and i want to know the maximum speed which can be obtained in the field weakening region by simulation model. Please help me in doing this
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Prashanth n
Prashanth n le 1 Oct 2015
Thank you. Yes i meant permanent magnet synchronous motor. But in matlab simulink model how to do field weakening....?? i want to check the speed during the field weakening.

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Sabin le 1 Fév 2023
Modifié(e) : Sabin le 1 Fév 2023
To calculate the maximum speed, it is necessary to consider the PMSM characteristics but also the voltage supply limitations. As we increase the rotor speed the voltage limited ellipse is getting smaller and smaller and the maximum torque, we can achieve will become smaller as well. Check the following page for more insights:

Raghunath Rachabattuni
Raghunath Rachabattuni le 30 Juin 2023
A recent update to the Motor Control Blockset introduced few utilities to address these.
The above page lists the functions that can be used from command prompt to find the maximum operable speed of the PMSM, when you provide the opeating conditions (voltage, I_rated) and motor parametrs.
To know the maximum operable speed visually, I recommend you to check the following page to undestand the constraint curves of the PMSM.

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