E-mobility - Regenerative Braking - Off-road Motion

Simulation kit to study grid resilience, perform regenerative braking and motion over uneven terrain. Fault management is also featured.
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Mise à jour 30 nov. 2022

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The goal of the first kit (Electromobility) is to provide a flexible physical simulation to analyze the impact of mobile system operations on power stability. Hence, the ability to integrate energy buffering is given. The model uses latest techniques e.g. subsystem reference. Access the model and start the journey.
Regenerative Braking in an Autonomous EV.
In the second kit, a 4-wheel vehicle runs over uneven terrain modelled with the Grid Surface block. Tires are represented as cylindrical bodies with a point cloud mesh associated to them. The contact and rolling of tires over the terrain are captured with the spatial force contact block between grid and point cloud respective meshes. One of the wheels is coupled to an electric motor (fed by a battery) that delivers the propulsion power needed.
The goal of the third kit (Fault Handling) is to provide a simulation platform for developing fault-capable supervisory logic. The robustness and redundancy of the solution is determined by physical phenomena (current - voltage - torque - speed) exposed by the electro-mechanical model. Explore the model to discover more.

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Re-structured content with e-vehicle motion (off-road applications, micro-mobility).

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