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Can anyone please tell me how to use FIND block in simulink?
Not sure how you're trying to use it, but it behaves more or less like the find command in MATLAB. <

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How to skip an input in a loop when an error is raised and continue with the next input of the loop?
You should make your loop code inside a try/catch block and catch the error. It would look like for i = 1:100 % whatever ...

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how can I use a while loop for LCM?
To do it iteratively as you laid out, you'd have something like function [leastCommon] = lcm(a,b) a1 = a; b2 = b; ...

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How to run python code in matlab?
The MATLAB Answers < here> discusses how t...

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Obtain initial data type from cell array if I stored functions in the cell array
To get the value out of the cell by index, use curly brackets to index. For example: foo = {'bar' 'baz'}; a = foo(1) % a...

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