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Analysis, Design, and Tuning

Port, surface, and field analysis; meshing, external data I/O, embedded pattern, pattern multiplication

Each element in the Antenna Toolbox™ library has a set of analysis functions. Perform port, surface, and field (space around the antenna) analysis of antennas and arrays. Mesh the antennas into discretized triangles for solving analysis equations. Use plane waves to excite an antenna to simulate a receiving antenna. Use Antenna Toolbox functions to read and write data from MSI Planet antenna files. Design and tune geometric properties of antennas in the antenna library to resonate at a particular frequency.


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polarpatternInteractive plot of radiation patterns in polar format


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planeWaveExcitationCreate plane wave excitation environment for antenna or array


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impedanceInput impedance of antenna; scan impedance of array
returnLossReturn loss of antenna; scan return loss of array
sparametersS-parameter object
vswrVoltage standing wave ratio of antenna
feedCurrentCalculate current at feed for antenna or array
patternRadiation pattern of antenna or array; Embedded pattern of antenna element in array
patternAzimuthAzimuth pattern of antenna or array
patternElevationElevation pattern of antenna or array
beamwidthBeamwidth of antenna
EHfieldsElectric and magnetic fields of antennas; Embedded electric and magnetic fields of antenna element in arrays
axialRatioAxial ratio of antenna
phaseShiftCalculate phase shift values to scan or steer beam for arrays
chargeCharge distribution on metal or dielectric antenna or array surface
currentCurrent distribution on metal or dielectric antenna or array surface
meshMesh properties of metal or dielectric antenna or array structure
meshconfigChange mesh mode of antenna structure
patternMultiplyRadiation pattern of array using pattern multiplication
arrayFactorArray factor in dB
correlationCorrelation coefficient between two antennas in array
sparametersS-parameter object
patternRadiation pattern of antenna or array; Embedded pattern of antenna element in array
designDesign prototype antenna or arrays for resonance at specified frequency
lumpedElementLumped element circuit to load antenna
smithplotPlot measurement data on Smith chart
msireadRead MSI planet antenna file
msiwriteWrite data in MSI planet antenna file format
patternCustomPlot radiation pattern
fieldsCustomPlot electric or magnetic fields of antenna

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