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Build Automation

Create and run build tasks using a standard programming interface
Depuis R2022b

Use the build tool to create and run build tasks, such as identifying code issues, running tests, and packaging a toolbox.

You can create a plan with your tasks and task dependencies in a single build file, and then invoke the build tool to run the plan. To get started, see Overview of MATLAB Build Tool.


buildtoolInvoke build tool
buildplanCreate build plan


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matlab.buildtool.PlanFundamental interface for defining a build
matlab.buildtool.TaskSingle unit of work in a build
matlab.buildtool.TaskActionAction performed when task runs
matlab.buildtool.TaskContextContext provided when task runs
matlab.buildtool.TaskResultResult of running a task
matlab.buildtool.BuildResultResult of running a build
matlab.buildtool.TaskInputsContainer for task inputs (depuis R2023b)
matlab.buildtool.TaskOutputsContainer for task outputs (depuis R2023b) of files and folders (depuis R2023a) file or folder (depuis R2023b) collection that matches pattern (depuis R2023b)


matlab.buildtool.tasksSummary of built-in task classes (depuis R2023b)