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Preview live video data from Ryze drone camera

Since R2020a

Add-On Required: This feature requires the MATLAB Support Package for Ryze Tello Drones add-on.



preview(cameraObj) creates a preview window that displays live video data from a Ryze drone camera object,represented as cameraObj. The preview window also displays the camera URL, resolution, frame rate, and timestamp.


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Connect to a Ryze Tello drone.

droneObj = ryze()
droneObj = 
          ryze with properties:

                    Name: "Tello"
                      ID: "TELLO-D2B07B"
               IPAddress: ""
                   State: "landed"
            BatteryLevel: 50%
             StationMode: 0
        AvailableCameras: ["FPV"]

Connect to the drone's camera using the camera object.

cameraObj = camera(droneObj);
cameraObj = 
          Camera with properties:

                    Name: "FPV"
              Resolution: "720x960" 

Start preview of the video stream from the drone's camera


The preview window opens and displays live video stream from your camera. The lower portion of the window shows the timestamp in seconds, resolution, and frame rate in frames per second.

Input Arguments

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Ryze drone camera connection object, specified as cameraObj.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a