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Model Design Metrics

Collect metrics for the size, architecture, and complexity of models and other design artifacts

Use model design metrics to assess the status and quality of the model components in your design. Use the Model Maintainability Dashboard to monitor the size, architecture, and complexity of design artifacts. The dashboard traces the dependencies between project files to identify outdated metric results in artifacts like MATLAB® functions, Simulink® models, and Stateflow® charts. Track the complexity of your design with the metric results. A less complex design is easier to read, maintain, and test. You can also use the metric API to programmatically collect metric results and save the results in a report.


Model Design DashboardCollect model metric data and assess quality of model in project (Since R2022b)


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metric.EngineCollect metric results (Since R2020b)
metric.ResultResults from specified metric (Since R2020b)


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modelDesignDashboardOpen Model Maintainability Dashboard (Since R2022b)


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