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version 2020.0

by Arnaud Delorme

A toolbox for processing electrophysiological data

Easy-to-use, single-block ADRC controller for Simulink (with examples)


version 1.5.1


ParaMonte: Plain Powerful Parallel Monte Carlo MCMC Library for Bayesian optimization in MATLAB, Python, Fortran, C++, C.

A set of low-level functions and tutorials for analyzing and displaying Earth science data.

Honey Badger Algorithm: New Metaheuristic Algorithm for Solving Optimization Problems

dsPIC, PIC32, SAMx2, SAMx5 and SAMx7 support package

An EKF_SOC_Estimation function estimates a battery's terminal voltage and state of charge using a second order RC equivalent circuit.

2D-AL-DIC(Augmented Lagrangian DIC) is a fast, parallel-computing DIC algorithm which also considers global kinematic compatibility.

An algorithm for manifold learning and dimension reduction.

Artificial gorilla troops optimizer: A new nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm for global optimization problems

Archimedes optimization algorithm: A new metaheuristic algorithm for solving optimization problems

Finite-element-based global DIC method (guarantee global kinematic compatibility and decrease noise by adding regularization penalties).

A collection of functions and classes for astronomy and astrophysics experimental and theoretical research.

This toolbox offers convolution neural networks (CNN) using k-fold cross-validation, which are simple and easy to implement.

A simple yet general purpose FVM solver for transient convection diffusion PDE

Adaptive Lagrangian Digital Volume Correlation - volumetric displacement and strain measurement based on a hybrid local-global approach

Finite-element-based global DVC method (guarantee global kinematic compatibility and decrease noise by adding regularization penalties).

A useful adaptive signal processing tool for multi-component signal separation, non-stationary signal processing.

A New Optimization Method Based on Coot Bird Natural Life Model

Mayfly Algorithm for global optimization

A novel swarm intelligence optimization approach: sparrow search algorithm

Decoupled active and reactive power control for a three-phase inverter connected to the utility grid based on the PI controller.

pilot distance protection scheme

Generate unstructured meshes for general two-dimensional geometries.

Creation and analysis of biochemical constraint-based models: the COBRA Toolbox v3.0

The GBO, inspired by the gradient-based method, uses two main operators: gradient search rule (GSR) and local escaping operator (LEO).

Medical software for Processing multi-Parametric images Pipelines

MATLAB code for Relevance Vector Machine using SB2_Release_200.

Example of Gerchberg-Saxton iterative phase retrieval algorithm.

Inverse Kinematics MeArm Model using PseudoInverse Jacobian

This tool gives you an output of reflectivity, absorptivity, and transmissivity as a function of wavelength. Allowing only NORMAL incidence.

LoRa Modulation and Coding Scheme Simulator on Matlab

2 Dimension simulation of Inverse Kinematics 3DOF using Pseudo Inverse Jacobian

A Matlab class for EPANET water distribution simulation libraries

Implements the frequency domain form of proper orthogonal decomposition (POD)

This MATLAB code allows simulation and reconstruction of holograms recorded with plane waves

Examples of iterative phase retrieval algorithms: error reduction, hybrid input output and shrinkwrap algorithms


version 1.0.5

by Said Pertuz

Breast image processing

This study attempts to go beyond the traps of metaphors and introduce a novel metaphor-free population-based optimization method.

A constrained multi-objective optimizer inspired by lightning and Lichtenberg figures

dynamic FDB Selection Method: An improved version Fitness Distance Balance dfDB-MRFO: Improved Manta Ray Foraging Optimizer with dFDB

Electric and hybrid electric aircraft models for component sizing


version 3.0.1

by Kevin R Coffey

DeepSqueak v3: Using Machine Vision to Accelerate Bioacoustics Research

"Solution to the Twin Image Problem in Holography", Physical Review Letters 98, 233901 (2007), plane waves

Functions demonstrating the basic principles of image reconstruction in computed tomography.

Easy to use inverse kinematic GUI of fully configurable simulated 2-joint robot arm.

This is a Matlab implementation of clustering (i.e., finite mixture models, unsupervised classification).

Toolbox for simulating optical tweezers

Jonswap/Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum

Learn how to create and run real-time virtual vehicles and Driver-in the-Loop simulators to safely test and validate your new designs.

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) is the largest software framework provider for Autonomous and Distributed Systems.

This .m file, simulates the resulting interference pattern of two plane, gaussian and plane-gaussian waves.

The code takes gray-scale SEM images and gives back its porosity and pore size distribution

A Data Envelopment Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB

3d-deconvolution, volumetric deconvolution of wavefronts


version 1.0.1

by mehmet kati

Fitness-Distance-Balance based Adaptive Guided Differential Evolution (FDB-AGDE) algorithm

Peak fitting GUI for Diffraction Data

Dynamic models of DC motors, (1) separately excited, (2) permanent magnet, (3) shunt-connected and (4) series-connected DC motors.


version 1.30

by Chad Greene

Some tools for working with data from Morlighem et al.'s BedMachine data for Greenland and Antarctica

The Telegram Bot Toolbox API created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram.

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