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How can I make .mat file for SVM with 85 images?
Try creating a structure and store the image data in a field you specify. Then, use the save function to save the structure as a...

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Generate different types of audio-noise
audiowrite might be a good solution here.

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3d plot plotting in 2d and 2d plot plotting in 3d.
Remove the holds from the code, you do not need to specify hold on/off if you are plotting two separate figures figure(1) plot...

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How to plot multiple Graphs with nearly similar name of ordinate arrays
It is NOT recommended to dynamically name variables, here is why That being said, this may help. In place of [ Eigenvalues i ],...

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Why is saveas() changing my image aspect ratio?
The exportgraphics function may be useful here, 'Resolution' is available as a name-value pair input argument.

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Save 2D double array to .npy file
You may not need to save as a .npy file, you can read a .mat in Python, or you can write to a .csv from Matlab using writematr...

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