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Spectral Estimation

Periodogram, Welch, and Lomb-Scargle PSD, coherence, transfer function, frequency reassignment

Analyze the spectral content of uniformly or nonuniformly sampled signals using periodogram, pwelch, or plomb. Sharpen periodogram estimates using reassignment. Determine frequency-domain coherence between signals. Estimate transfer functions based on input and output measurements. Study MIMO systems in the frequency domain.


Signal AnalyzerVisualize and compare multiple signals and spectra


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cpsdCross power spectral density
findpeaksFind local maxima
mscohereMagnitude-squared coherence
pentropySpectral entropy of signal
periodogramPeriodogram power spectral density estimate
plombLomb-Scargle periodogram
pmtmMultitaper power spectral density estimate
poctaveGenerate octave spectrum
pspectrumAnalyze signals in the frequency and time-frequency domains
pwelchWelch’s power spectral density estimate
tfestimateTransfer function estimate
dbConvert energy or power measurements to decibels
db2magConvert decibels to magnitude
db2powConvert decibels to power
mag2dbConvert magnitude to decibels
pow2dbConvert power to decibels
resizeResize data by adding or removing elements (depuis R2023b)
paddataPad data by adding elements (depuis R2023b)
trimdataTrim data by removing elements (depuis R2023b)