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Elementary Math

Trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, complex values, rounding, remainders, discrete math

Elementary math functions include functionality for arithmetic operations (+, -, *, ...), mathematical constants (Inf, pi, …), polynomial operations (poly, roots, …), and special mathematical functions, such as gamma and beta.

  • Arithmetic
    Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power, rounding
  • Trigonometry
    Sine, cosine, and related functions, with results in radians or degrees
  • Exponents and Logarithms
    Exponential, logarithm, power, and root functions
  • Complex Numbers
    Real and imaginary components, phase angles
  • Discrete Math
    Prime factors, factorials, permutations, rational fractions, least common multiple, greatest common divisor
  • Polynomials
    Curve fitting, roots, partial fraction expansions
  • Special Functions
    Bessel, Legendre, elliptic, error, gamma, and other functions
  • Constants and Test Matrices
    Pi, Not-a-Number, infinity; Hadamard, Companion, Pascal, and other specialized matrices