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Administer Network Licenses

Install and run the network license manager, configure licenses and modify license options, update network licenses

The network license manager takes care of managing license resources on a Network Named User or Concurrent license. Before you install the network license manager, verify that your server meets the MATLAB License Manager Requirements.

If you are using a Campus-Wide license, visit your institution's portal.


Install Network License Manager

Plan Your Network Installation

Review options for network license manager and MATLAB® installation for license administrators with a network license.

Administer Licenses

Network Named User License Administration

Install Network Named User licenses and track product usage.

Concurrent License Administration

Provides an overview of administering a Concurrent User license.

Network License Files

How to read and modify network licenses. These procedures are for network license administrators (or system administrators) only.

Borrow Licenses

Describes how to set up and use the license borrowing capability in a concurrent or network named user configuration.

Maintain Network License Manager

Network License Manager Tools

Describes several utilities provided by FlexNet® licensing that you can use to manage the network license manager.

Update Network License Manager Software

Download the executables for running the network license manager.

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