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Inertial Sensor Fusion

Inertial navigation with IMU and GPS, sensor fusion, custom filter tuning

Inertial sensor fusion uses filters to improve and combine readings from IMU, GPS, and other sensors. To model specific sensors, see Sensor Models.

For simultaneous localization and mapping, see SLAM.


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ahrsfilterOrientation from accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer readings
ahrs10filterHeight and orientation from MARG and altimeter readings
complementaryFilterEstimate orientation using complementary filter
ecompassOrientation from magnetometer and accelerometer readings
imufilterOrientation from accelerometer and gyroscope readings
insfilterMARGEstimate pose from MARG and GPS data
insfilterAsyncEstimate pose from asynchronous MARG and GPS data
insfilterErrorStateEstimate pose from IMU, GPS, and monocular visual odometry (MVO) data
insfilterNonholonomicEstimate pose with nonholonomic constraints
insfilterCreate inertial navigation filter
insEKFInertial Navigation Using Extended Kalman Filter
insOptionsOptions for configuration of insEKF object
insAccelerometerModel accelerometer readings for sensor fusion
insGPSModel GPS readings for sensor fusion
insGyroscopeModel gyroscope readings for sensor fusion
insMagnetometerModel magnetometer readings for sensor fusion
insMotionOrientationMotion model for 3-D orientation estimation
insMotionPoseModel for 3-D motion estimation
insCreateMotionModelTemplateCreate template file for motion model
insCreateSensorModelTemplateCreate template file for sensor model
positioning.insMotionModelBase class for defining motion models used with insEKF
positioning.insSensorModelBase class for defining sensor models used with insEKF
tunerconfigFusion filter tuner configuration options
tunerPlotPosePlot filter pose estimates during tuning


AHRSOrientation from accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer readings
Complementary FilterEstimate orientation using complementary filter


Sensor Fusion