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Fonctions - Liste alphabétique

&Find logical AND
*Matrix multiplication
./Right array division
.\Left array division
.^Element-wise power
/Solve systems of linear equations xA = B for x
<Determine less than
<=Determine less than or equal to
==Determine equality
>Determine greater than
>=Determine greater than or equal to
\Solve systems of linear equations Ax = B for x
^Matrix power
|Find logical OR
~Find logical NOT
~=Determine inequality
abortEnd flight of Ryze drone (depuis R2020a)
abortEnd flight of Parrot drone
absValeur absolue et amplitude complexe
abyssAbyss colormap array (depuis R2023b)
accellogReturn logged acceleration data from mobile device sensor
accumarrayAccumulate vector elements
acosInverse cosine in radians
acosdInverse cosine in degrees
acoshInverse hyperbolic cosine
acotInverse cotangent in radians
acotdInverse cotangent in degrees
acothInverse hyperbolic cotangent
acscInverse cosecant in radians
acscdInverse cosecant in degrees
acschInverse hyperbolic cosecant
actxcontrol(To be removed) Create Microsoft ActiveX control in figure window
actxcontrollist(To be removed) List currently installed Microsoft ActiveX controls
actxcontrolselect(To be removed) Create Microsoft ActiveX control from UI
actxGetRunningServerHandle to running instance of Automation server
actxserverCreate COM server
addAdd single key-value pair to KeyValueStore
addMark new file for addition to Git repository (depuis R2023b)
addboundaryAdd polyshape boundary
addcatsAdd categories to categorical array
addCauseRecord additional causes of exception
addCorrectionProvide suggested fix for exception
addedgeAdd new edge to graph
addeventAdd event to timeseries
addFieldsAdd fields to HeaderField array
addFileAdd file or folder to project
addFolderIncludingChildFilesAdd folder and child files to project
addGroupAdd new factory settings group (depuis R2019b)
addGroupAdd new settings group (depuis R2019b)
addLabelAttach label to project file
addlistenerCreate event listener bound to event source
addmultiAdd multiple key-value pairs to KeyValueStore
addnodeAdd new node to graph
addonConnection to add-on device for Arduino hardware
addOptionalAdd optional, positional argument into input parser scheme
addParameterAdd optional name-value pair argument into input parser scheme
addParamValue(Not recommended) Add optional name-value pair argument into input parser scheme
addpathAdd folders to search path
addPathAdd folder to project path
addpointsAdd points to animated line
addprefAdd custom preference
addpropAdd custom properties to table or timetable
addpropertyAdd custom property to COM object
addReferenceAdd referenced project to project
addRequiredAdd required, positional argument into input parser scheme
addsampleAdd data sample to timeseries object
addsampletocollectionAdd sample to tscollection
addSettingAdd new factory setting (depuis R2019b)
addSettingAdd new setting (depuis R2019b)
addShortcutAdd shortcut to project
addShutdownFileAdd shutdown file to project
addStartupFileAdd startup file to project
addStyleAdd style to UI component (depuis R2019b)
addtodate(Not recommended; use duration or calendarDuration) Add time to serial date number
addToolbarExplorationButtonsAdd data exploration buttons to figure toolbar
addToolbarMapButtonAdd map button to toolbar (depuis R2021b)
addtsAdd timeseries to tscollection
addvarsAdd variables to table or timetable
adis16505Connect to ADIS16505 sensor on Arduino hardware SPI bus (depuis R2024a)
adjacencyGraph adjacency matrix
adxl345Connect to ADXL345, ADXL343, ADXL344, or ADXL346 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2022a)
adxl345Connect ADXL345, ADXL343, ADXL344, or ADXL346 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
afterAllRun function after all functions finish running in the background
afterEachRun function after each function finishes running in the background
afterEachRun function after data is received on DataQueue
airyAiry Functions
alignAlign UIControl components and Axes objects
alimSet or query axes alpha limits
allDetermine if all array elements are nonzero or true
allchildFind all children of specified objects
allcyclesFind all cycles in graph (depuis R2021a)
allfiniteDetermine if all array elements are finite (depuis R2022a)
allpathsFind all paths between two graph nodes (depuis R2021a)
alphaAdd transparency to objects in axes
alphamapSpecify figure alphamap (transparency)
alphanumericBoundaryMatch boundary between alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters (depuis R2020b)
alphanumericsPatternMatch letter and digit characters (depuis R2020b)
alphaShapePolygons and polyhedra from points in 2-D and 3-D
alphaSpectrumAlpha values giving distinct alpha shapes
alphaTriangulationTriangulation that fills alpha shape
amdApproximate minimum degree permutation
analyzeCodeCompatibilityCreate code compatibility analysis results
ancestorAncestor of graphics object
angleAngle de phase
angvellogReturn logged angular velocity data from mobile device sensor
animatedlineCreate animated line
annotationCreate annotations
ansMost recent answer
anyDetermine if any array elements are nonzero
anymissingDetermine if any array element is missing (depuis R2022a)
anynanDetermine if any array element is NaN (depuis R2022a)
apds9960Connect to APDS9960 sensor on Arduino hardware using I2C bus (depuis R2021b)
App DesignerCreate apps interactively
appdesigner.customcomponent.configureMetadataConfigure custom UI component for use in App Designer (depuis R2021a)
appdesigner.customcomponent.removeMetadataRemove custom UI component from App Designer (depuis R2021a)
appendCombine strings
appendConcatenate timeseries objects in time
appmigration.migrateGUIDEAppMigrate GUIDE apps to App Designer (depuis R2023a)
arducamConnect to ArduCam Multi Camera Adapter Module (depuis R2023b)
arduinoConnection to the Arduino and Arduino-compatible ESP32 hardware
arduinolistList available Arduino hardware (depuis R2024a)
arduinosetup Launch Arduino hardware setup interface
areaArea of 2-D alpha shape
areaArea of polyshape
areaFilled area 2-D plot
argumentsDeclare function argument validation (depuis R2019b)
array2tableConvert homogeneous array to table
array2timetableConvert homogeneous array to timetable
arrayDatastoreDatastore for in-memory data (depuis R2020b)
arrayfunApply function to each element of array
asciiSet FTP transfer mode to ASCII
asecInverse secant in radians
asecdInverse secant in degrees
asechInverse hyperbolic secant
asFewOfPatternMatch pattern as few times as possible (depuis R2020b)
asinInverse sine in radians
asindInverse sine in degrees
asinhInverse hyperbolic sine
asManyOfPatternMatch pattern as many times as possible (depuis R2020b)
assertThrow error if condition false
assigninAssign value to variable in specified workspace
atanTangente inverse en radians
atan2Four-quadrant inverse tangent
atan2dFour-quadrant inverse tangent in degrees
atandInverse tangent in degrees
atanhInverse hyperbolic tangent
Attribute (H5A)Metadata associated with datasets or groups
audiocaptureConnection between audio input device and Raspberry Pi hardware (depuis R2019b)
audiodevinfoInformation about audio device
audiodevresetRefresh list of available audio devices (depuis R2020b)
audioinfoInformation about audio file
audioplayerObject for playing audio
audioplayerConnection between audio output device and Raspberry Pi hardware (depuis R2019b)
audioreadRead audio file
audiorecorderObject for recording audio
audiowriteWrite audio file
autumnAutumn colormap array
aviinfoInformation about Audio/Video Interleaved (AVI) file
axesCreate Cartesian axes
axisSet axis limits and aspect ratios
axtoolbarCreate axes toolbar
axtoolbarbtnAdd buttons to axes toolbar
backgroundPoolEnvironment for running code in the background (depuis R2021b)
balanceDiagonal scaling to improve eigenvalue accuracy
bandwidthLower and upper matrix bandwidth
barBar graph
bar33-D bar graph
bar3hHorizontal 3-D bar graph
barhHorizontal bar graph
barycentricToCartesianConvert coordinates from barycentric to Cartesian
baryToCart(Not recommended) Convert point coordinates from barycentric to Cartesian
base2decConvert text representation of base-n integer to double value
batchStartupOptionUsedDetermine if MATLAB started with -batch option
bctreeBlock-cut tree graph
beagleboneConnection to BeagleBone Black hardware
beagleboneblack_examplesOpen featured examples for this support package
beepProduce operating system beep sound
beepPlay beep from speaker on EV3 brick
BeginInvokeInitiate asynchronous .NET delegate call
benchMATLAB benchmark
besselhBessel function of third kind (Hankel function)
besseliModified Bessel function of first kind
besseljBessel function of first kind
besselkModified Bessel function of second kind
besselyBessel function of second kind
betaBeta function
betaincIncomplete beta function
betaincinvBeta inverse cumulative distribution function
betalnLogarithm of beta function
betweenCalendar math differences
bfsearchBreadth-first graph search
bicgSolve system of linear equations — biconjugate gradients method
bicgstabSolve system of linear equations — stabilized biconjugate gradients method
bicgstablSolve system of linear equations — stabilized biconjugate gradients (l) method
biconncompBiconnected graph components
bin2decConvert text representation of binary integer to double value
binarySet FTP transfer mode to binary
binscatterBinned scatter plot
bitandBit-wise AND
bitcmpBit-wise complement
bitgetGet bit at specified position
bitnot.NET enumeration object bit-wise NOT instance method
bitorBit-wise OR
bitsetSet bit at specific location
bitshiftShift bits specified number of places
bitxorBit-wise XOR
blanksCreate character array of blanks
bleConnect to Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral device (depuis R2019b)
blelistScan nearby Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral devices (depuis R2019b)
blkdiagBlock diagonal matrix
bluetoothConnect to Bluetooth Classic device (depuis R2020b)
bluetoothlistScan nearby Bluetooth Classic devices (depuis R2020b)
bmi160Connect to BMI160 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
bmi160Connect BMI160 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
bmp280Connect to BMP280 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2022b)
bmp280Connect BMP280 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
bno055Connect to BNO055 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2020a)
boneBone colormap array
boundaryBoundary of a set of points in 2-D or 3-D
boundaryVertex coordinates of polyshape boundary
boundaryFacetsBoundary facets of alpha shape
boundaryshapeCreate polyshape from 2-D triangulation
boundingboxBounding box of polyshape
boundsMinimum and maximum values of an array
boxDisplay axes outline
boxchartBox chart (box plot) (depuis R2020a)
breakMettre fin à l’exécution d’une boucle for ou while
brightenBrighten or darken colormap
brushInteractively mark data values in a chart
bsxfunApply element-wise operation to two arrays with implicit expansion enabled
bubblechartBubble chart (depuis R2020b)
bubblechart33-D bubble chart (depuis R2020b)
bubblecloudCreate bubble cloud chart (depuis R2021a)
bubblelegendCreate legend for bubble chart (depuis R2020b)
bubblelimMap bubble sizes to data range (depuis R2020b)
bubblesizeSet minimum and maximum bubble sizes in points (depuis R2020b)
builddocsearchdbBuild searchable documentation database
buildplanCreate build plan
buildtoolInvoke build tool
builtinExecute built-in function from overloaded method
bvp4cSolve boundary value problem — fourth-order method
bvp5cSolve boundary value problem — fifth-order method
bvpgetExtract properties from options structure created with bvpset
bvpinitForm initial guess for boundary value problem solver
bvpsetCreate or alter options structure of boundary value problem
bvpxtendForm guess structure for extending boundary value solutions
caldaysCalendar duration in days
caldiffCalendar math successive differences
calendarCalendar for specified month
calendarDurationLengths of time in variable-length calendar units
calllibCall function in C shared library
callSoapService(Removed) Send SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) message to endpoint
calmonthsCalendar duration in months
calquartersCalendar duration in quarters
calweeksCalendar duration in weeks
calyearsCalendar duration in years
camdollyMove camera position and target
cameraConnection to camera on mobile device
cameraConnection to Ryze drone's camera (depuis R2020a)
cameraConnection to Parrot drone FPV camera
cameraboardConnection to camera board on Raspberry Pi hardware
cameratoolbarControl camera toolbar programmatically
camlightCreate or move light object in camera coordinates
camlookatPosition camera to view object or group of objects
camorbitRotate camera position around camera target
campanRotate camera target around camera position
camposSet or query camera position
camprojSet or query projection type
camrollRotate camera about view axis
camtargetSet or query location of camera target
camupSet or query camera up vector
camvaSet or query camera view angle
camzoomZoom in and out on scene
cancelStop function running in the background
cancelAllStop all functions running in the background (depuis R2022a)
canChannelConnection to CAN channel connected to a specified device (depuis R2020a)
canChannelConnection to CAN channel connected to a specified device (depuis R2021b)
canUseGPUVerify supported GPU is available for computation (depuis R2019b)
canUseParallelPoolVerify that parallel functions can use a parallel pool (depuis R2020b)
captureCapture data from audio device connected to Raspberry Pi
cart2polTransform Cartesian coordinates to polar or cylindrical
cart2sphTransform Cartesian coordinates to spherical
cartesianToBarycentricConvert coordinates from Cartesian to barycentric
cartToBary(Not recommended) Convert point coordinates from Cartesian to barycentric
caseInsensitivePatternMatch pattern regardless of case (depuis R2020b)
caseSensitivePatternMatch pattern with case sensitivity (depuis R2020b)
castConvert variable to different data type
catConcaténer des tableaux
categoricalArray that contains values assigned to categories
categoriesList of categories in categorical array
ccxGateControlled controlled X gate (CCNOT or Toffoli gate)
cdChange or view current folder on SFTP or FTP server
cdChange current folder
cdf2rdfConvert complex diagonal form to real block diagonal form
cdfepoch(Not recommended) Convert date text or serial date number to CDF formatted dates
cdfinfoInformation about Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.breakdownTT2000Convert CDF_TIME_TT2000 timestamp to time components (depuis R2022b)
cdflib.closeClose Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.closeVarClose specified variable from multifile format Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.computeEpochConvert time value to CDF_EPOCH value
cdflib.computeEpoch16Convert time value to CDF_EPOCH16 value
cdflib.computeTT2000Convert time components to CDF_TIME_TT2000 timestamp (depuis R2022b)
cdflib.createCreate Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.createAttrCreate attribute
cdflib.createVarCreate new variable
cdflib.deleteDelete Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.deleteAttrDelete attribute
cdflib.deleteAttrEntryDelete entry from attribute with variable scope
cdflib.deleteAttrgEntryDelete entry from attribute with global scope
cdflib.deleteVarDelete variable
cdflib.deleteVarRecordsDelete range of records from variable
cdflib.epoch16BreakdownConvert CDF_EPOCH16 value to time value
cdflib.epochBreakdownConvert CDF_EPOCH value to time value
cdflib.getAttrEntryValue of entry in attribute with variable scope
cdflib.getAttrgEntryValue of entry in global attribute
cdflib.getAttrMaxEntryNumber of last entry for variable attribute
cdflib.getAttrMaxgEntryNumber of last entry for global attribute
cdflib.getAttrNameAttribute name, given attribute number
cdflib.getAttrNumAttribute number, given attribute name
cdflib.getAttrScopeScope of attribute
cdflib.getCacheSizeNumber of cache buffers
cdflib.getChecksumChecksum mode
cdflib.getCompressionCompression settings
cdflib.getCompressionCacheSizeNumber of compression cache buffers
cdflib.getConstantNamesNames of Common Data Format (CDF) library constants
cdflib.getConstantValueNumeric value corresponding to Common Data Format (CDF) library constant
cdflib.getCopyrightCopyright notice in Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.getFileBackwardReturn backward compatibility mode
cdflib.getFormatFormat of Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.getLibraryCopyrightCopyright notice of Common Data Format (CDF) library
cdflib.getLibraryVersionLibrary version and release information
cdflib.getMajorityMajority of variables
cdflib.getNameName of Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.getNumAttrEntriesNumber of entries for attribute with variable scope
cdflib.getNumAttrgEntriesNumber of entries for attribute with global scope
cdflib.getNumAttributesNumber of attributes with variable scope
cdflib.getNumgAttributesNumber of attributes with global scope
cdflib.getReadOnlyModeRead-only mode
cdflib.getStageCacheSizeNumber of cache buffers for staging
cdflib.getValidateLibrary validation mode
cdflib.getVarAllocRecordsNumber of records allocated for variable
cdflib.getVarBlockingFactorBlocking factor for variable
cdflib.getVarCacheSizeNumber of multifile cache buffers
cdflib.getVarCompressionInformation about compression used by variable
cdflib.getVarDataSingle value from record in variable
cdflib.getVarMaxAllocRecNumMaximum allocated record number for variable
cdflib.getVarMaxWrittenRecNumMaximum written record number for variable
cdflib.getVarNameVariable name, given variable number
cdflib.getVarNumVariable number, given variable name
cdflib.getVarNumRecsWrittenNumber of records written to variable
cdflib.getVarPadValuePad value for variable
cdflib.getVarRecordDataEntire record for variable
cdflib.getVarReservePercentCompression reserve percentage for variable
cdflib.getVarsMaxWrittenRecNumMaximum written record number for CDF file
cdflib.getVarSparseRecordsInformation about how variable handles sparse records
cdflib.getVersionCommon Data Format (CDF) library version and release information
cdflib.hyperGetVarDataRead hyperslab of data from variable
cdflib.hyperPutVarDataWrite hyperslab of data to variable
cdflib.inquireInformation about Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.inquireAttrInformation about attribute
cdflib.inquireAttrEntryInformation about entry in attribute with variable scope
cdflib.inquireAttrgEntryInformation about entry in attribute with global scope
cdflib.inquireVarInformation about variable
cdflib.openOpen Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.putAttrEntryWrite value to entry in attribute with variable scope
cdflib.putAttrgEntryWrite value to entry in attribute with global scope
cdflib.putVarDataWrite single value to variable
cdflib.putVarRecordDataWrite entire record to variable
cdflib.renameAttrChange name of attribute
cdflib.renameVarChange name of variable
cdflib.setCacheSizeSpecify number of dotCDF cache buffers
cdflib.setChecksumSpecify checksum mode
cdflib.setCompressionSpecify compression settings
cdflib.setCompressionCacheSizeSpecify number of compression cache buffers
cdflib.setFileBackwardSpecify backward compatibility mode
cdflib.setFormatSpecify format of Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.setMajoritySpecify majority of variables
cdflib.setReadOnlyModeSpecify read-only mode
cdflib.setStageCacheSizeSpecify number of staging cache buffers for Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.setValidateSpecify library validation mode
cdflib.setVarAllocBlockRecordsSpecify range of records to be allocated for variable
cdflib.setVarBlockingFactorSpecify blocking factor for variable
cdflib.setVarCacheSizeSpecify number of multifile cache buffers for variable
cdflib.setVarCompressionSpecify compression settings used with variable
cdflib.setVarInitialRecsSpecify initial number of records written to variable
cdflib.setVarPadValueSpecify pad value used with variable
cdflib.setVarReservePercentSpecify reserve percentage for variable
cdflib.setVarsCacheSizeSpecify number of cache buffers used for all variables
cdflib.setVarSparseRecordsSpecify how variable handles sparse records
cdfreadRead data from Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdfwrite(Not recommended) Write data to Common Data Format (CDF) file
ceilRound toward positive infinity
cellCell array
cell2matConvertir un cell array en tableau ordinaire du type de données sous-jacent
cell2structConvert cell array to structure array
cell2tableConvert cell array to table
celldispDisplay cell array contents
cellfunApply function to each cell in cell array
cellplotGraphically display structure of cell array
cellstrConvert to cell array of character vectors
centralityMeasure node importance
centroidCentroid of polyshape
cgsSolve system of linear equations — conjugate gradients squared method
changeCertificateChange certificate of REST function connector (depuis R2024a)
changeFieldsChange existing values in HeaderField array
changeTokenChange token of REST function connector (depuis R2024a)
charCharacter array
characteristicAccess a characteristic on Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral device (depuis R2019b)
characterListPatternMatch characters from list (depuis R2020b)
checkcodeCheck MATLAB code files for possible problems
checkin(Removed) Check files into source control system (UNIX platforms)
checkout(Removed) Check files out of source control system (UNIX platforms)
chGateControlled Hadamard gate
cholCholesky factorization
cholupdateRank 1 update to Cholesky factorization
choosePerform choose gesture on UI component
chooseContextMenu Perform choose gesture on context menu item (depuis R2020b)
circshiftShift array circularly
circumcenterCircumcenter of triangle or tetrahedron
circumcenters(Not recommended) Circumcenters of specified simplices
claClear axes
clabelLabel contour plot elevation
classClass of object
classdefClass definition keywords
classUnderlyingClass of underlying data in tall array
clcEffacer la fenêtre de commande
clearRemove items from workspace, freeing up system memory
clearTerminate connection to BeagleBone Black hardware
clearAllMemoizedCachesClear caches for all MemoizedFunction objects
clearCacheClear cache for MemoizedFunction object
clearInstallationValueClear installation value for setting (depuis R2022a)
clearLCDClear characters from LCD on EV3 brick
clearLEDMatrixClears the entire LED matrix and sets the all the pixels to blank ([0, 0, 0])
clearPersonalValueClear personal value for setting
clearpointsClear points from animated line
clearTemporaryValueClear temporary value for setting
clearvarsClear variables from memory
clfClear figure
clibArrayCreate MATLAB clib array for C++ library functions (depuis R2020a)
clibConfigurationChange execution mode of C++ library interface (depuis R2023a)
clibConvertArrayConvert numeric MATLAB array to array of C++ objects (depuis R2020a)
clibgen.buildInterfaceCreate interface to C++ library without definition file
clibgen.generateLibraryDefinitionCreate definition file for C++ library
clibIsNullDetermine if C++ object is null (depuis R2019b)
clibIsReadOnlyDetermine if C++ object is read-only (depuis R2019b)
clibPublishInterfaceWorkflowPublish interface for C++ library in the Live Editor (depuis R2023a)
CLibraryConfigurationC++ library interface environment information (depuis R2023a)
clibReleaseRelease C++ object from MATLAB
ClientRequestInfoClient to function service HTTPS request information (depuis R2024a)
climSet colormap limits (Renamed from caxis in R2022a)
clipClip data to range (depuis R2024a)
clipboardCopy and paste text to and from system clipboard
clock(Not recommended; use datetime) Current date and time as date vector
cloneCreate duplicate System object
closeClose file after writing video data
closeClose connection to SFTP or FTP server
closeClose one or more figures
closeClose project
closeFileClose FITS file
closePreviewClose webcam preview window
closePreviewClose IP camera preview window
closePreviewClose Ryze drone camera preview window (depuis R2020a)
closePreviewClose Parrot drone FPV camera preview window
cmap2grayConvert RGB colormap to grayscale colormap (depuis R2020b)
cmdsepCommand separator for current platform (depuis R2023b)
cmopts(Removed) Name of source control system
cmpermuteRearrange colors in colormap
cmuniqueEliminate duplicate colors in colormap; convert grayscale or truecolor image to indexed image
cnotGateCNOT gate (controlled X gate)
CodeCompatibilityAnalysisCode compatibility analysis results
codeCompatibilityReportCreate code compatibility report
codeIssuesIdentify code issues in files (depuis R2022b)
colamdColumn approximate minimum degree permutation
collapseCollapse tree node
colonVector creation, array subscripting, and for-loop iteration
colorbarColorbar showing color scale
colorcubeColorcube colormap array
colordef(To be removed) Set default property values to display different color schemes
colormapAfficher et définir la palette de couleurs actuelle
Colormap EditorOpen colormap editor
colororderSet or query color order palette (depuis R2019b)
colorSensorConnection to color sensor
colpermSparse column permutation based on nonzero count
COMAccess COM components from MATLAB
com.mathworks.engine.MatlabEngineJava class using MATLAB as a computational engine
com.mathworks.matlab.types.CellStrJava class to represent MATLAB cell array of char vectors
com.mathworks.matlab.types.ComplexJava class to pass complex data to and from MATLAB
com.mathworks.matlab.types.HandleObjectAbstract Java class to represent MATLAB handle objects
com.mathworks.matlab.types.StructJava class to pass MATLAB struct to and from MATLAB
com.mathworks.matlab.types.ValueObjectAbstract Java class to represent MATLAB value objects (depuis R2021a)
combinationsGenerate all element combinations of arrays (depuis R2023a)
combineCombine data from multiple datastores
CombineConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate Combine method
CombinedDatastoreDatastore to combine data read from multiple underlying datastores
comet2-D comet plot
comet33-D comet plot
commandhistoryOpen Command History window
commandwindowSelect the Command Window
commitCommit changes to Git repository (depuis R2023b)
companCompanion matrix
compassArrows emanating from origin
complexCreate complex array
composeFormat data into multiple strings
compositeGateConstruct composite gate for quantum computing
computerInformation about computer on which MATLAB is running
comserverRegister, unregister, or query MATLAB COM server (depuis R2020a)
condCondition number for inversion
condeigCondition number with respect to eigenvalues
condensationGraph condensation
condest1-norm condition number estimate
coneplotPlot velocity vectors as cones in 3-D vector field
configureCallbackSet callback function and trigger condition for communication with serial port device (depuis R2019b)
configureCallbackSet callback function and trigger condition for communication with remote host over TCP/IP (depuis R2020b)
configureCallbackSet callback function and trigger condition for communication with Bluetooth device (depuis R2020b)
configureDictionaryCreate dictionary with specified key and value types (depuis R2023b)
configureDigitalPinConfigure GPIO pin as input or output
configurePinSet Arduino pin mode
configurePinConfigure GPIO pin as digital input, digital output, or PWM output
configurePinResourceSet resource owner and mode of pin
configureTerminatorSet terminator for ASCII string communication with serial port (depuis R2019b)
configureTerminatorSet terminator for ASCII string communication with remote host over TCP/IP (depuis R2020b)
configureTerminatorSet terminator for ASCII string communication with Bluetooth device (depuis R2020b)
conjConjugué d'un nombre complexe
conncompConnected graph components
containers.MapObject that maps unique keys to values
containsDetermine if pattern is in strings
containsrangeDetermine if timetable row times contain specified time range (depuis R2020a)
continuePass control to next iteration of for or while loop
contourContour plot of matrix
contour33-D contour plot
contourcLow-level contour matrix computation
contourfFilled 2-D contour plot
contoursliceDraw contours in volume slice planes
contrastCreate grayscale colormap to enhance image contrast
convConvolution et multiplication polynomiale
conv22-D convolution
convertCharsToStringsConvert character arrays to string arrays, leaving other arrays unaltered
convertContainedStringsToCharsConvert string arrays at any level of cell array or structure
convertStringsToCharsConvert string arrays to character arrays, leaving other arrays unaltered
convertToConvert datetime values to numeric representations
convertvarsConvert table or timetable variables to specified data type
convexHullConvex hull of Delaunay triangulation
convexHull(Not recommended) Convex hull of Delaunay triangulation
convhullConvex hull
convhullConvex hull of polyshape
convhullnN-D convex hull
convnN-D convolution
coolCool colormap array
copperCopper colormap array
copyfileCopy file or folder
copygraphicsCopy plot or graphics content to clipboard (depuis R2020a)
copyHDUCopy current HDU from one file to another
copyobjCopy graphics objects and their descendants
corrcoefCorrelation coefficients
cosCosine of argument in radians
cosdCosine of argument in degrees
coshHyperbolic cosine
cospiCompute cos(X*pi) accurately
cotCotangent of angle in radians
cotdCotangent of argument in degrees
cothHyperbolic cotangent
countCount occurrences of pattern in strings
countcatsCount occurrences of categorical array elements by category
countEachLabelCount files in ImageDatastore labels
cplxpairSort complex numbers into complex conjugate pairs
cputimeCPU time used by MATLAB
cr1GateControlled z-axis rotation gate with global phase
createArrayCreate array of specified class and value (depuis R2024a)
createBranchCreate new Git branch (depuis R2023b)
createCategoryCreate category of project labels
createClassFromWsdl(Removed) Create MATLAB class based on WSDL document
createFileCreate FITS file
createImgCreate FITS image
createLabelCreate project label
createSoapMessage(Removed) Create SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) message to send to server
createTblCreate new ASCII or binary table extension
criticalAlphaAlpha radius defining critical transition in shape
crossCross product
crxGateControlled x-axis rotation gate
cryGateControlled y-axis rotation gate
crzGateControlled z-axis rotation gate
cscCosecant of input angle in radians
cscdCosecant of argument in degrees
cschHyperbolic cosecant
csvread(Not recommended) Read comma-separated value (CSV) file
csvwrite(Not recommended) Write comma-separated value file
ctransposeComplex conjugate transpose
cummaxCumulative maximum
cumminCumulative minimum
cumprodCumulative product
cumsumCumulative sum
cumtrapzCumulative trapezoidal numerical integration
curlCurl and angular velocity of vector field
currentProjectGet current project
customverctrl(Removed) Allow custom source control system (UNIX platforms)
cxGateControlled X gate (CNOT gate)
cyclebasisFundamental cycle basis of graph (depuis R2021a)
cyGateControlled Y gate
cylinderCreate cylinder
czGateControlled Z gate
daqreadRead Data Acquisition Toolbox (.daq) file
daspectControl data unit length along each axis
datacursormodeEnable data cursor mode
Dataset (H5D)Multidimensional arrays of data elements and supporting metadata
Dataspace (H5S)Dimensionality of dataset
datastoreCreate datastore for large collections of data
datatipCreate data tip (depuis R2019b)
dataTipInteractionData tip interaction
dataTipTextRowAdd row to data tips
Datatype (H5T)Datatype of elements in a dataset
date(Not recommended; use datetime("today")) Current date as character vector
datenum(Not recommended; use datetime or duration) Convert date and time to serial date number
dateshiftShift date or generate sequence of dates and times
datestr(Not recommended; use string or char) Convert date and time to string format
datetick(Not recommended) Date formatted tick labels
datetimeArrays that represent points in time
datevecConvert date and time to vector of components
dayDay number or name of input date and time
daysDuration in days
dbclearRemove breakpoints
dbcontResume execution
dbdownReverse dbup workspace shift
dblquad(Not recommended) Numerically evaluate double integral over rectangle
dbmexEnable MEX-file debugging on UNIX platforms
dbquitQuit debug mode
dbstackFunction call stack
dbstatusList all breakpoints
dbstepExecute next executable line from current breakpoint
dbstopSet breakpoints for debugging
dbtypeDisplay file with line numbers
dbupShift current workspace to workspace of caller in debug mode
dcmotorConnection to DC motor on Adafruit Motor Shield V2 for Arduino
dcmotorConnection to DC Motor on Arduino MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020a)
dde23Solve delay differential equations (DDEs) with constant delays
ddegetExtract properties from delay differential equations options structure
ddensdSolve delay differential equations (DDEs) of neutral type
ddesdSolve delay differential equations (DDEs) with general delays
ddesetCreate or alter delay differential equations options structure
dealDistribute inputs to outputs
deblankRemove trailing whitespace from ends of strings
dec2baseConvert decimal integer to its base-n representation
dec2binConvert decimal integer to its binary representation
dec2hexConvert decimal integer to its hexadecimal representation
decicCompute consistent initial conditions for ode15i
decompositionMatrix decomposition for solving linear systems
deconvLeast-squares deconvolution and polynomial division
decrementResourceCountDecrement count of number of instances of resource
deg2radConvert angle from degrees to radians
degreeDegree of graph nodes
del2Discrete Laplacian
delaunayDelaunay triangulation
delaunaynN-D Delaunay triangulation
DelaunayTri(Not recommended) Delaunay triangulation in 2-D and 3-D
delaunayTriangulationDelaunay triangulation in 2-D and 3-D
deleteDelete file on SFTP or FTP server
deleteDelete files or objects
deleteBranchDelete local Git branch (depuis R2023b)
deleteColDelete column from table
deleteFileDelete FITS file
deleteFileDelete file on target hardware
deleteFileDelete file from hardware
deleteHDUDelete current HDU in FITS file
deleteKeyDelete key by name
deletepropertyRemove custom property from COM object
deleteRecordDelete key by record number
deleteRowsDelete rows from table
deleventRemove event from timeseries
delimitedTextImportOptionsImport options object for delimited text
delsampleRemove sample from timeseries object
delsamplefromcollectionDelete sample from tscollection
demoAccess product examples in Help browser
deployDeploy MATLAB function on hardware
descriptorAccess a descriptor on Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral device (depuis R2019b)
detMatrix determinant
detailsDisplay array details
detectImportOptionsCreate import options based on file content
detrendSubtract mean or best-fit line from timeseries object
detrendRemove polynomial trend
devalEvaluate differential equation solution structure
deviceConnection to device on I2C bus on Arduino or ESP32 hardware
deviceConnection to device on SPI bus on Arduino or ESP32 hardware
deviceConnection to serial device on Arduino or ESP32 hardware (depuis R2019b)
dfsearchDepth-first graph search
diagCreate diagonal matrix or get diagonal elements of matrix
dialogCreate empty modal dialog box
diaryLog Command Window text to file
dictionaryObject that maps unique keys to values (depuis R2022b)
diffDifferences and approximate derivatives
diffuseCalculate diffuse reflectance
digitBoundaryMatch boundary between digit characters and non-digit characters (depuis R2020b)
digitsPattern Match digit characters (depuis R2020b)
digraphGraph with directed edges
Dimension Scale (H5DS)Dimension scale associated with dataset dimensions
dirList folder contents on SFTP or FTP server
dirList folder contents
disableCANDisable CAN interface (depuis R2021b)
disableDefaultInteractivityDisable built-in axes interactions
disableI2CDisable I2C interface
disableSPIDisable SPI interface
discardChangesDiscard changes in Git repository (depuis R2024a)
discardlogsDiscard all logged data from mobile device sensors
discretizeGroup data into bins or categories
dismissAlertDialog Close frontmost alert dialog box in figure window (depuis R2021a)
dispAfficher la valeur d’une variable
DisplayFormatOptionsOutput display format in Command Window (depuis R2021a)
displayImageDisplay an image on the Raspberry Pi hardware or on the LED Matrix of SenseHAT
displayMessageScrolls a text message across the LED Matrix
dissectNested dissection permutation
distancesShortest path distances of all node pairs
ditherConvert image, increasing apparent color resolution by dithering
divergenceCompute divergence of vector field
dlmread(Not recommended) Read ASCII-delimited file of numeric data into matrix
dlmwrite(Not recommended) Write matrix to ASCII-delimited file
dmpermDulmage-Mendelsohn decomposition
docReference page in Help browser
docsearchHelp browser search
donutchartDonut chart (depuis R2023b)
dosExecute DOS command and return output
dotDot product
dotnetenvChange .NET default environment on Microsoft Windows platforms (depuis R2022b)
doubleTableaux en double précision
dragPerform drag gesture on UI component
dragrectDrag rectangles with mouse
drawnowUpdate figures and process callbacks
dsearchnNearest point search
durationLengths of time in fixed-length units
dynamicpropsSuperclass for classes that support dynamic properties
echoDisplay statements during function or script execution
echodemoRun example script step-by-step in Command Window
echotcpipStart or stop TCP/IP echo server
edgeAttachmentsTriangles or tetrahedra attached to specified edge
edgeAttachments(Not recommended) Triangles or tetrahedra attached to specified edge
edgecountNumber of edges between two nodes
edgesTriangulation edges
edges(Not recommended) Triangulation edges
editEdit or create file
editInteractionEdit text interaction (depuis R2021b)
eigEigenvalues and eigenvectors
eigsSubset of eigenvalues and eigenvectors
ellipjJacobi elliptic functions
ellipkeComplete elliptic integrals of first and second kind
ellipsoidCreate ellipsoid
emptyCreate empty array of specified class
enableCANEnable CAN interface (depuis R2021b)
enableDefaultInteractivityEnable built-in axes interactions
enableI2CEnable I2C interface
enableI2CEnable I2C interface
enableLegacyExplorationModesControl behavior of modes in UI figures (depuis R2020a)
enableNETfromNetworkDrive(To be removed) Enable access to .NET commands from network drive
enablePWMEnable PWM pin
enableSerialPortEnable serial interface
enableserviceEnable, disable, or report status of MATLAB Automation server
enableSPIEnable SPI interface
enableSPIEnable SPI interface
endTerminate block of code or indicate last array index
EndInvokeRetrieve result of asynchronous call initiated by .NET System.Delegate BeginInvoke method
endsWithDetermine if strings end with pattern
entriesKey-value pairs of dictionary (depuis R2022b)
enumerationClass enumeration members and names
eomdate(Not recommended; use dateshift) Last date of month
eomdayLast day of month
epsFloating-point relative accuracy
equilibrateMatrix scaling for improved conditioning
eraseDelete substrings within strings
eraseBetweenDelete substrings between start and end points
erfError function
erfcComplementary error function
erfcinvInverse complementary error function
erfcxScaled complementary error function
erfinvInverse error function
errorThrow error and display message
Error (H5E)Error handling
errorbarLine plot with error bars
errordlgCreate error dialog box
etime(Not recommended; use datetime values or between) Time elapsed between date vectors
etreeElimination tree
etreeplotPlot elimination tree
evalÉvaluer une expression MATLAB
evalcEvaluate MATLAB expression and capture results
evalinEvaluate MATLAB expression in specified workspace
evaluate Evaluate XPath expression (depuis R2021a)
evaluateObjectiveEvaluate QUBO (Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization) objective
event.ClassInstanceEventEvent data for InstanceCreated and InstanceDestroyed events
event.DynamicPropertyEventEvent data for dynamic property events
event.EventDataBase class for event data
event.hasListenerDetermine if listeners exist for event
event.listenerClass defining listener objects
event.PropertyEventData for property events
event.proplistenerDefine listener object for property events
eventfilterCreate event filter for selecting timetable rows (depuis R2023a)
eventlistenersList event handler functions associated with COM object events
eventsEvent names
events (COM)List of events COM object can trigger
eventtableEvent table (depuis R2023a)
exceltimeConvert MATLAB datetime to Excel date number
ExecuteExecute MATLAB command in Automation server
existCheck existence of variable, script, function, folder, or class
exitTerminer un programme MATLAB (revient à le quitter)
expandExpand tree node
expintExponential integral function
expmMatrix exponential
expm1Compute exp(X)-1 accurately for small X
expmvMatrix exponential multiplied by vector (depuis R2023b)
exportConvert live script or function to standard format (depuis R2022a)
exportWrite code issues to file (depuis R2023b)
exportExport project to archive
export2wsdlgCreate dialog box for exporting variables to workspace
exportappCapture app as image or PDF (depuis R2020b)
exportgraphicsSave plot or graphics content to file (depuis R2020a)
exportsetupdlgOpen figure Export Setup dialog box
extractExtract substrings from strings (depuis R2020b)
extractAfterExtract substrings after specified positions
extractBeforeExtract substrings before specified positions
extractBetweenExtract substrings between start and end points
extracteventsExtract event table from subset of timetable data (depuis R2023a)
eyeIdentity matrix
ezcontour(Not recommended) Easy-to-use contour plotter
ezcontourf(Not recommended) Easy-to-use filled contour plotter
ezmesh(Not recommended) Easy-to-use 3-D mesh plotter
ezmeshc(Not recommended) Easy-to-use combination mesh/contour plotter
ezplot(Not recommended) Easy-to-use function plotter
ezplot3(Not recommended) Easy-to-use 3-D parametric curve plotter
ezpolar(Not recommended) Easy-to-use polar coordinate plotter
ezsurf(Not recommended) Easy-to-use 3-D colored surface plotter
ezsurfc(Not recommended) Easy-to-use combination surface/contour plotter
faceNormalTriangulation unit normal vectors
faceNormals(Not recommended) Unit normals to specified triangles
factorPrime factors
factorialFactorial of input
FactoryGroupGroup of factory settings and factory subgroup objects (depuis R2019b)
FactorySettingFactory settings object (depuis R2019b)
falseLogical 0 (false)
fcloseClose one or all open files
fclose (serial)(To be removed) Disconnect serial port object from device
fcontourPlot contours
featherArrows from x-axis
featureEdgesSharp edges of surface triangulation
featureEdges(Not recommended) Sharp edges of surface triangulation
feofTest for end of file
ferrorFile I/O error information
fetchDownload new data from remote Git repository (depuis R2023b)
fetchNextRetrieve next unread outputs from Future array
fetchOutputsRetrieve results from function running in the background
fevalEvaluate function
FevalExecute MATLAB function in Automation server
fewerbinsDecrease number of histogram bins
fftFast Fourier transform
fft22-D fast Fourier transform
fftnN-D fast Fourier transform
fftshiftDécaler le composant à fréquence nulle au centre du spectre
fftwDefine method for determining FFT algorithm
fgetlRead line from file, removing newline characters
fgetl (serial)(To be removed) Read line of ASCII text from device and discard terminator
fgetsRead line from file, keeping newline characters
fgets (serial)(To be removed) Read line of text from device and include terminator
fieldnamesNoms des champs d’une structure, ou champs publics d’un objet Microsoft COM ou Java
figureCreate figure window
figurepalette(Not recommended) Show or hide the Figure Palette
File (H5F)HDF5 file access
fileattribSet or get attributes of file or folder
filebrowserOpen Current Folder browser
fileDatastoreDatastore with custom file reader
filemarkerCharacter to separate file name from local or nested function name
fileModeI/O mode of FITS file
fileNameName of FITS file
filepartsGet parts of file name
filereadRead contents of file as text
filesepFile separator for current platform
fillCreate filled 2-D patches
fill3Create filled 3-D patches
fillmissingFill missing entries
fillmissing2Fill missing entries in 2-D data (depuis R2023a)
filloutliersDetect and replace outliers in data
filterModify frequency content of timeseries objects
filter1-D digital filter
filter22-D digital filter
Filters and Compression (H5Z)Inline data filters, data compression
fimplicitPlot implicit function
fimplicit3Plot 3-D implicit function
findRechercher des indices et des valeurs d’éléments non nuls
findallFind all graphics objects
findCategoryFind project category of labels
findedgeLocate edge in graph
findEventQuery tsdata.event by name
findfigsFind visible offscreen figures
findFileFind single project file by name
findFilesFind project files by category or label name (depuis R2024a)
findgroupsFind groups and return group numbers
findLabelGet project file label
findnodeLocate node in graph
findobjFind graphics objects with specific properties
findstr(Not recommended) Find string within another, longer string
finishUser-defined termination script for MATLAB
fitsdispDisplay FITS metadata
fitsinfoInformation about FITS file
fitsreadRead data from FITS file
fitswriteWrite image to FITS file
fixRound toward zero
fixFix code issues (depuis R2023a)
fixedWidthImportOptionsImport options object for fixed-width text files
flagFlag colormap array
flintmaxLargest consecutive integer in floating-point format
flipInverser l’ordre des éléments
flipFlip Ryze drone in specified direction (depuis R2020a)
flipFlip Parrot drone in specified direction
flipdim(Not recommended) Flip array along specified dimension
flipedgeReverse edge directions
fliplrFlip array left to right
flipudFlip array up to down
floorArrondir vers l’infini négatif
flowSimple function of three variables
flushClear serial port device buffers (depuis R2019b)
flushClear buffers for communication with remote host over TCP/IP (depuis R2020b)
flushClear Bluetooth device buffers (depuis R2020b)
flushFlush the host buffer
flushFlush the host buffer for BNO055 sensor
flushFlush the host buffer (depuis R2020a)
fmeshPlot 3-D mesh
fminbndFind minimum of single-variable function on fixed interval
fminsearchFind minimum of unconstrained multivariable function using derivative-free method
focusFocus UI component (depuis R2022a)
fontnameChange font name for objects in a figure (depuis R2022a)
fontsizeChange font size for objects in a figure (depuis R2022a)
fopenOpen file or obtain information about open files
fopen (serial)(To be removed) Connect serial port object to device
forboucle for se répétant un nombre de fois spécifié
formatSet output display format
formattedDisplayTextCapture display output as string (depuis R2021a)
fplotPlot expression or function
fplot33-D parametric curve plotter
fpolarplotPlot expression or function in polar coordinates (depuis R2024a)
fprintfWrite data to text file
fprintf (serial)(To be removed) Write text to device
frame2imReturn image data associated with movie frame
freadRead data from binary file
fread (serial)(To be removed) Read binary data from device
freeBoundaryFree boundary facets
freeBoundary(Not recommended) Free boundary facets
freqspaceFrequency spacing for frequency response
frewindMove file position pointer to beginning of open file
fscanfRead data from text file
fscanf (serial)(To be removed) Read ASCII data from device, and format as text
fseekMove file position pointer to specified position in file
fsurfPlot 3-D surface
ftellCurrent location of file position pointer in file
ftpConnection to FTP server to access its files
fullConvert sparse matrix to full storage
fullfileBuild full file name from parts
func2strConstruct character vector from function handle
functionDéclarer le nom, les entrées et les sorties d'une fonction
functionsInformation about function handle
functiontestsCreate array of tests from handles to local functions
function_handleHandle to function
funmEvaluate general matrix function
FutureFunction scheduled to run
fwriteWrite data to binary file
fwrite (serial)(To be removed) Write binary data to device
fzeroRoot of nonlinear function
galleryTest matrices
gammaGamma function
gammaincRegularized incomplete gamma function
gammaincinvInverse of regularized incomplete gamma function
gammalnLogarithm of gamma function
gatherCollect tall array into memory after executing queued operations
gcaAxes ou graphiques courants
gcbfHandle of figure containing object whose callback is executing
gcboHandle of object whose callback is executing
gcdGreatest common divisor
gcfHandle de la figure courante
gcmrGet current mapreducer configuration
gcoHandle of current object
genpathGenerate search path
genvarname(To be removed) Construct valid variable name from string
geoaxesCreate geographic axes
geobasemapSet or query basemap
geobubbleVisualize data values at specific geographic locations
geodensityplotGeographic density plot
geolimitsSet or query geographic limits
geoplotPlot line in geographic coordinates
geoscatterScatter chart in geographic coordinates
geotickformatSet or query geographic tick label format
getQuery property values for audioplayer object
getQuery property values for audiorecorder object
getQuery graphics object properties
getGet states and properties of a System object
getabstimeConvert timeseries or tscollection time vector to cell array
getAColParmsASCII table information
getappdataRetrieve application data
getaudiodataStore recorded audio signal in numeric array
getBColParmsBinary table information
GetCharArrayCharacter array from Automation server
getColNameTable column name
getColTypeScaled column data type, repeat value, width
getConstantValueNumeric value of named constant
getdatasamplesAccess timeseries data samples
getdatasamplesizetimeseries data sample size
getenvEnvironment variable
getEqColTypeColumn data type, repeat value, width
getfieldField of structure array
getFieldsReturn header fields matching name or class
getFileTransfer file from Raspberry Pi hardware to host computer or MATLAB Drive
getFileTransfer file from BeagleBone Black hardware to host computer
getFileFormatsFile formats that VideoReader supports
getframeCapture axes or figure as movie frame
getFreeResourceSlotGet first free slot of resource
GetFullMatrixMatrix from Automation server workspace
getHdrSpaceNumber of keywords in header
getHDUnumNumber of current HDU in FITS file
getHDUtypeType of current HDU
getI2CTerminalsGet terminals with I2C functionality
getImgSizeSize of FITS image
getImgTypeData type of FITS image
getinterpmethodtimeseries interpolation method
getInterruptTerminalsGet terminals with interrupt functionality
getMCUGet microcontroller of Arduino board
getMockHistoryReturn history of mock object interactions
getnextGet next value from ValueIterator
getNumColsNumber of columns in table
getNumHDUsTotal number of HDUs in FITS file
getNumRowsNumber of rows in table
getOpenFilesList of open FITS files
getPinAliasGet alias pin number
getPinsFromTerminalsGet pin numbers from terminal
getpinstatusGet serial pin status (depuis R2019b)
getpixelpositionGet component position in pixels
getplayerCreate associated audioplayer object
getpointsReturn points that define animated line
getprefGet custom preference value
getProfilesProfiles and file formats that VideoWriter supports
getPWMTerminalsGet terminals with PWM functionality
getqualitydesctimeseries data quality
getrangefromclassDefault display range of image based on its class
getReportGet error message for exception
getResourceCountNumber of instances of a resource
getResourceOwnerGet terminal resource owner
getRunOnBootGet name of MATLAB function added to Run-on-boot (depuis R2019b)
getsamplesSubset of timeseries
getsampleusingtimeSubset of timeseries or tscollection data
getSecretRetrieve secret value from MATLAB vault (depuis R2024a)
getSecretMetadataRetrieve metadata of secret in MATLAB vault (depuis R2024a)
getServoTerminalsGet terminals that have servo functionality
getSharedResourcePropertyGet shared resource property
getSPITerminalsGet terminals that have SPI functionality
getTerminalModeGet current terminal mode
getTerminalsFromPinsGet terminal numbers from pins
gettimeseriesnamesNames of timeseries in tscollection
getTimeStrQuery tsdata.event times
gettsafterateventCreate timeseries at or after event
gettsaftereventCreate timeseries after event
gettsateventCreate timeseries at event
gettsbeforeateventCreate timeseries at or before event
gettsbeforeeventCreate timeseries before event
gettsbetweeneventsCreate timeseries between events
GetVariableData from variable in Automation server workspace
getvaroptsGet variable import options
getVersionRevision number of the CFITSIO library
GetWorkspaceDataData from Automation server workspace
ginputIdentify axes coordinates
gitcloneClone Git repository (depuis R2023b)
gitinitInitialize empty Git repository (depuis R2023b)
gitrepoCreate Git repository object (depuis R2023b)
globalDéclarer des variables comme globales
gmresSolve system of linear equations — generalized minimum residual method
gobjectsInitialize array for graphics objects
gplotPlot nodes and edges in adjacency matrix
gpsdevConnect to GPS receiver on Arduino hardware (depuis R2020a)
grabcodeExtract MATLAB code from file published to HTML
gradientNumerical gradient
graphGraph with undirected edges
GraphPlotGraph plot for directed and undirected graphs
grayGray colormap array
graymon(To be removed) Set default figure properties for grayscale monitors
gridDisplay or hide axes grid lines
griddataInterpolate 2-D or 3-D scattered data
griddatanInterpolate N-D scattered data
griddedInterpolantGridded data interpolation
grootGraphics root object
Group (H5G)Organization of objects in file
groupcountsNumber of group elements
groupfilterFilter by group (depuis R2019b)
groupsummaryGroup summary computations
grouptransformTransform by group
gsvdGeneralized singular value decomposition
gtextAdd text to figure using mouse
guidataStore or retrieve UI data
guide(To be removed) Create or edit UI file in GUIDE
guihandlesRetrieve child objects of figure
gunzipExtract contents of GNU zip file
gyroSensorConnection to gyroscopic sensor
gzipCompress files into GNU zip files
h5createCreate HDF5 dataset
h5dispDisplay contents of HDF5 file
h5infoInformation about HDF5 file
h5readRead data from HDF5 dataset
h5readattRead attribute from HDF5 file
h5writeWrite data to HDF5 dataset
h5writeattWrite attribute to HDF5 file
hadamardHadamard matrix
handleSuperclass of all handle classes
hankelHankel matrix
hasActiveValueDetermine whether setting has active value set (depuis R2024a)
hascyclesDetermine whether graph contains cycles (depuis R2021a)
hasdataDetermine if data is available to read
hasFactoryValueDetermine whether setting has factory value set
hasFrameDetermine if video frame is available to read
hasGroupDetermine if settings group exists (depuis R2019b)
hasInstallationValue Determine whether setting has installation value set (depuis R2022a)
hasnextDetermine if ValueIterator has one or more values available
hasPersonalValueDetermine whether setting has personal value set
hasSettingDetermine if setting exists in settings group (depuis R2019b)
hasTemporaryValueDetermine whether setting has temporary value set
hdf5info(Not recommended) Information about HDF5 file
hdf5read(Not recommended) Read HDF5 file
hdf5write(Not recommended) Write data to file in HDF5 format
hdfanGateway to HDF multifile annotation (AN) interface
hdfdf24Gateway to HDF 24-bit raster image (DF24) interface
hdfdfr8Gateway to HDF 8-bit raster image (DFR8) interface
hdfhGateway to HDF H interface
hdfhdGateway to HDF HD interface
hdfheGateway to HDF HE interface
hdfhxGateway to HDF external data (HX) interface
hdfinfoInformation about HDF4 or HDF-EOS2 file
hdfmlUtilities for working with MATLAB HDF gateway functions
hdfptGateway to HDF-EOS Point interface
hdfreadRead data from HDF4 or HDF-EOS2 file
hdftool(Removed) Browse and import data from HDF4 or HDF-EOS files
hdfvGateway to HDF Vgroup (V) interface
hdfvfGateway to VF functions in HDF Vdata interface
hdfvhGateway to VH functions in HDF Vdata interface
hdfvsGateway to VS functions in HDF Vdata interface
headGet top rows of array or table
heatmapCreate heatmap chart
heightNumber of table rows
helpHelp for functions in Command Window
helpbrowserOpen Help browser to access online documentation
helpdeskOpen Help browser
helpdlgCreate help dialog box
helpwinProvide access to help comments for all functions
hessHessenberg form of matrix
hex2decConvert text representation of hexadecimal integer to double value
hex2numConvert IEEE hexadecimal format to double-precision number
hex2rgbConvert hexadecimal color codes to RGB triplets (depuis R2024a)
hGateHadamard gate
hgexport(To be removed) Export contents of figure
hggroupCreate group object
hgloadLoad graphics object hierarchy from file
hgsaveSave graphics object hierarchy to file
hgtransformTransform graphics objects
hiddenRemove hidden lines from mesh plot
highlightHighlight nodes and edges in plotted graph
hilbHilbert matrix
hist(Not recommended) Histogram plot
histc(Not recommended) Histogram bin counts
histcountsHistogram bin counts
histcounts2Bivariate histogram bin counts
histogramHistogram plot
histogram2Bivariate histogram plot
hmsHour, minute, and second numbers of datetime or duration
holdConserver le tracé courant lors de l’ajout de nouveaux tracés
holesConvert polyshape hole boundaries to array of polyshape objects
homeSend cursor home
horzcatConcatenate arrays horizontally
hotHot colormap array
hourHour component of input date and time
hoursDuration in hours
hoverPerform hover gesture on UI component
hsvHSV colormap array
hsv2rgbConvert HSV colors to RGB
htmlImportOptionsImport options object for HTML files (depuis R2021b)
hts221Connect to HTS221 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
hts221Connect HTS221 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
hypotSquare root of sum of squares (hypotenuse)
iImaginary unit
i2cdevConnection to device on Raspberry Pi hardware
i2cdevConnection to device on BeagleBone Black I2C bus
ichol Incomplete Cholesky factorization
icm20948Connect to ICM-20948 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2022a)
icm20948Connect ICM-20948 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
idealfiltertimeseries ideal filter
Identifier (H5I)HDF5 object identifiers
idGateIdentity gate
idivideInteger division with rounding option
if, elseif, elseExécuter les instructions si la condition est vraie
ifftInverse fast Fourier transform
ifft22-D inverse fast Fourier transform
ifftnMultidimensional inverse fast Fourier transform
ifftshiftInverse zero-frequency shift
iluIncomplete LU factorization
im2doubleConvert image to double precision
im2frameConvert image to movie frame
im2grayConvert RGB image to grayscale (depuis R2020b)
im2java(To be removed) Convert image to Java image
imagImaginary part of complex number
imageDisplay image from array
imageDatastoreDatastore for image data
imagescDisplay image with scaled colors
imapproxApproximate indexed image by reducing number of colors
imfinfoInformation about graphics file
imformatsManage image file format registry
imgCompressCompress HDU from one file into another
importAdd namespace, class, or functions to current import list
importdataLoad data from file
importNodeImport node from another document into this document (depuis R2021a)
imreadRead image from graphics file
imresizeResize image
imshowDisplay image
imtileCombine multiple image frames into one rectangular tiled image
imwriteWrite image to graphics file
incenterIncenter of triangulation elements
incenters(Not recommended) Incenters of specified simplices
incidenceGraph incidence matrix
incrementResourceCountIncrement current resource count
ind2rgbConvert indexed image to RGB image
ind2subConvert linear indices to subscripts
indegreeIn-degree of nodes
inedgesIncoming edges to node
InfCreate array of all Inf values
infoRead information related to sensor
infoRead output data rate and bandwidth setting of BNO055 sensor
infoRead Update Rate, GPS Lock information and number of satellites in View for the GPS receiver (depuis R2020a)
infoInformation about contacting MathWorks
initGateInitialization gate with specified qubit states (depuis R2023b)
inline(Not recommended) Construct inline object
inmemNames of functions, MEX files, and classes in memory
inner2outerInvert nested table-in-table hierarchy in tables or timetables
innerjoinInner join between two tables or timetables
inOutStatus(Not recommended) Status of triangles in 2-D constrained Delaunay triangulation
inpolygonPoints located inside or on edge of polygonal region
inputDemander une entrée utilisateur
inputdlgCreate dialog box to gather user input
inputnameVariable name of function input
inputParserInput parser for functions
insertAdd entries to a dictionary (depuis R2023b)
insertAfterInsert strings after specified substrings
insertATblInsert ASCII table after current HDU
insertBeforeInsert strings before specified substrings
insertBTblInsert binary table after current HDU
insertColInsert column into table
insertImgInsert FITS image after current image
insertRowsInsert rows into table
inShapeDetermine if point is inside alpha shape
instrcallback(To be removed) Event information when event occurs
instrfind(To be removed) Read serial port objects from memory to MATLAB workspace
instrfindall(To be removed) Find visible and hidden serial port objects
int1616-bit signed integer arrays
int2strConvert integers to characters
int3232-bit signed integer arrays
int6464-bit signed integer arrays
int88-bit signed integer arrays
integralNumerical integration
integral2Numerically evaluate double integral
integral3Numerically evaluate triple integral
interp11-D data interpolation (table lookup)
interp1q(Not recommended) Quick 1-D interpolation
interp2Interpolation for 2-D gridded data in meshgrid format
interp3Interpolation for 3-D gridded data in meshgrid format
interpft1-D interpolation (FFT method)
interpnInterpolation for 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, and N-D gridded data in ndgrid format
interpstreamspeedInterpolate stream-line vertices from flow speed
intersectSet intersection of two arrays
intersectIntersection of polyshape objects
intmaxLargest value of specific integer type
intminSmallest value of specific integer type
invInverse de matrice
invhilbInverse of Hilbert matrix
invokeInvoke method on COM object or interface, or display methods
ipcamCreate ipcam object to acquire images from an IP camera
ipermuteInverse permute array dimensions
iqrInterquartile range of timeseries data
iqrInterquartile range of data set
irSensorConnection to infrared sensor
isaDetermine if input has specified data type
isappdataDetermine if application data exists
isaUnderlyingDetermine if tall array data is of specified class
isbandedDetermine if matrix is within specified bandwidth
isbetweenDetermine elements within date and time interval
iscalendardurationDetermine if input is calendar duration array
iscategoricalDetermine whether input is categorical array
iscategoryDetermine if inputs are names of categories
iscellDetermine if input is cell array
iscellstrDetermine if input is cell array of character vectors
ischangeFind abrupt changes in data
ischarDetermine if input is character array
iscolumnDetermine if input is column vector
iscomDetermine whether input is COM object
isCompressedImgDetermine if current image is compressed
isConfiguredDetermine if dictionary has types assigned to keys and values (depuis R2022b)
isConnectedTest if two vertices are connected by an edge
isdagDetermine if graph is acyclic
isdatetimeDetermine if input is datetime array
isdiagDetermine if matrix is diagonal
isdir(Not recommended) Determine if input is folder on search path
isDoneEnd-of-data status
isdstDetermine daylight saving time elements
isdurationDetermine if input is duration array
isEdge(Not recommended) Test if vertices are joined by edge
isemptyDetermine whether array is empty
isenumDetermine if variable is enumeration
isenvDetermine if environment variable exists (depuis R2022b)
isequalDetermine array equality
isequalnDetermine array equality, treating NaN values as equal
isequalwithequalnansTest arrays for equality, treating NaNs as equal
iseventDetermine whether input is COM object event
isfieldDetermine if input is structure array field
isfileDetermine if input is file
isfiniteDetermine which array elements are finite
isfloatDetermine if input is floating-point array
isfolderDetermine if input is folder
isgraphicsTrue for valid graphics object handles
ishandleTest for valid graphics or Java object handle
ishermitianDetermine if matrix is Hermitian or skew-Hermitian
ishghandleTrue for graphics object handles
isholdCurrent hold state
isholeDetermine if polyshape boundary is a hole
isIllConditionedDetermine whether matrix is ill conditioned
isinfDetermine which array elements are infinite
isInScrollViewDetermine if component is visible in scrollable container (depuis R2022a)
isintegerDetermine whether input is integer array
isinterfaceDetermine whether input is COM interface
isInterior Query points inside Delaunay triangulation
isinteriorQuery points inside polyshape
isisomorphicDetermine whether two graphs are isomorphic
isjavaDetermine if input is Java object
isKeyDetermine if dictionary contains key (depuis R2022b)
isKeyDetermine if Map object contains key
iskeywordDetermine if input is MATLAB keyword
isletterDetermine which characters are letters
isLoadedDetermine if project is loaded
islocalmaxFind local maxima
islocalmax2Find local maxima in 2-D data (depuis R2024a)
islocalminFind local minima
islocalmin2Find local minima in 2-D data (depuis R2024a)
isLockedDetermine if System object is in use
islogicalDetermine if input is logical array
ismacDetermine if version is for macOS platform
isMATLABReleaseOlderThanDetermine if current MATLAB release is older than specified MATLAB release (depuis R2020b)
ismatrixDetermine whether input is matrix
ismemberArray elements that are members of set array
ismembertolMembers of set within tolerance
ismethodDetermine if object has specified method
ismissingFind missing values
ismultigraphDetermine whether graph has multiple edges
isnanDéterminer les éléments NaN d'un tableau
isnatDetermine NaT (Not-a-Time) elements
isnumericDetermine whether input is numeric array
isobjectDetermine if input is MATLAB object
isocapsCompute isosurface end-cap geometry
isocolorsCalculate isosurface and patch colors
isomorphismCompute isomorphism between two graphs
isonormalsCompute normals of isosurface vertices
isordinalDetermine whether input is ordinal categorical array
isosurfaceExtract isosurface data from volume data
isoutlierFind outliers in data
isPartitionableDetermine whether datastore is partitionable (depuis R2020a)
ispcDetermine if version is for Windows (PC) platform
isplayingDetermine if playback is in progress
isprefDetermine if custom preference exists
isprimeDetermine which array elements are prime
ispropDetermine if property is defined by object
isprotectedDetermine whether categories of categorical array are protected
isrealDetermine whether array uses complex storage
isrecordingDetermine if recording is in progress
isregularDetermine if input times are regular with respect to time or calendar unit
isrowDetermine if input is row vector
isscalarDetermine whether input is scalar
isSecretDetermine if secret exists in MATLAB vault (depuis R2024a)
isShuffleableDetermine whether datastore is shuffleable (depuis R2020a)
issimplifiedDetermine if polyshape is well-defined
issortedDetermine if array is sorted
issortedrowsDetermine if matrix or table rows are sorted
isspaceDetermine which characters are space characters
issparseDetermine whether input is sparse
isstr(Not recommended) Determine whether input is character array
isstringDetermine if input is string array
isStringScalar Determine if input is string array with one element
isstrpropDetermine which characters in input strings are of specified category
isstructDetermine if input is structure array
isstudentDetermine if version is Student Version
isSubsettableDetermine whether datastore is subsettable (depuis R2022b)
issymmetricDetermine if matrix is symmetric or skew-symmetric
istableDetermine if input is table
istabularDetermine if input is table or timetable (depuis R2021b)
istallDetermine if input is tall array
isTerminalAnalogCheck if terminal can be used as an analog pin
isTerminalDigitalCheck if terminal can be used as a digital pin
istimetableDetermine if input is timetable
istrilDetermine if matrix is lower triangular
istriuDetermine if matrix is upper triangular
isundefinedFind undefined elements in categorical array
isUnderlyingTypeDetermine whether input has specified underlying data type (depuis R2020b)
isuniformDetermine if vector is uniformly spaced (depuis R2022b)
isunixDetermine if version is for Linux or Mac platforms
isvalidDetermine valid handles
isvarnameDetermine if input is valid variable name
isvectorDetermine whether input is vector
isweekendDetermine weekend elements
jImaginary unit
javaaddpathAdd entries to dynamic Java class path
javaArrayConstruct Java array object
javachkError message based on Java feature support
javaclasspathReturn Java class path or specify dynamic path
JavaEnvironmentJava environment information (depuis R2023a)
javaMethodCall Java method
javaMethodEDTCall Java method from Event Dispatch Thread (EDT)
javaObjectCall Java constructor
javaObjectEDTCall Java constructor on Event Dispatch Thread (EDT)
javarmpathRemove entries from dynamic Java class path
jenvSet Java path for MATLAB (depuis R2021b)
jetJet colormap array
joinCombine strings
joinCombine two tables or timetables by rows using key variables
jsondecodeDecode JSON-formatted text
jsonencodeCreate JSON-formatted text from structured MATLAB data
juliandateConvert MATLAB datetime to Julian date
kdeKernel density estimate for univariate data (depuis R2023b)
keyboardGive control to keyboard
keyHashGenerate hash code for dictionary key (depuis R2022b)
keyMatchDetermine if two dictionary keys are the same (depuis R2022b)
keysKeys of dictionary (depuis R2022b)
keysReturn keys of Map object
KeyValueDatastoreDatastore for key-value pair data for use with mapreduce
KeyValueStoreStore key-value pairs for use with mapreduce
kronKronecker tensor product
labeledgeLabel graph edges
labelnodeLabel graph nodes
lagTime-shift data in timetable
landLand Ryze drone (depuis R2020a)
landLand Parrot drone
laplacianGraph Laplacian matrix
lasterrLast error message
lasterrorLast error message and related information
lastwarnLast warning message
layoutChange layout of graph plot
lcmLeast common multiple
ldlBlock LDL' factorization for Hermitian indefinite matrices
leapsecondsList all leap seconds supported by datetime data type (depuis R2020a)
legendAdd legend to axes
legendreAssociated Legendre functions
legoev3Connection to LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 brick
lengthLongueur de la plus grande dimension d'un tableau
lengthNumber of key-value pairs in Map object
letterBoundaryMatch boundary between letter characters and non-letter characters (depuis R2020b)
lettersPatternMatch letter characters (depuis R2020b)
lib.pointerPointer object compatible with C pointer
lib.pointer.dispDisplay lib.pointer type
lib.pointer.isNullPoints to NULL pointer (plus) operator for pointer arithmetic
lib.pointer.reshapeReshape lib.pointer array
lib.pointer.setdatatypeInitialize type and size of lib.pointer object
libfunctionsReturn information on functions in shared C library
libfunctionsviewDisplay shared C library function signatures in window
libisloadedDetermine if shared C library is loaded
libpointerPointer object for use with shared C library
Library (H5)General-purpose functions for use with entire HDF5 library
libstructConvert MATLAB structure to C-style structure for use with shared C library
licenseGet license status, test existence of license, or check out feature license
lightCreate a light object
lightangleCreate or position light object in spherical coordinates
lightingSet lighting method
lin2muConvert linear audio signal to mu-law
lineCreate primitive line
lineBoundaryMatch start or end of line (depuis R2020b)
linesLines colormap array
linestyleorderSet or query line style order (depuis R2024a)
Link (H5L)Links in HDF5 file
linkaxesSynchronize limits of multiple axes
linkdataAutomatically update charted data
linkpropKeep same value for corresponding properties of graphics objects
linsolveSolve linear system of equations
linspaceGénérer un vecteur espacé linéairement
lis3dhConnect to LIS3DH sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2022b)
listAllProjectReferencesList all projects in reference hierarchy of current project (depuis R2021a)
listArduinoLibrariesDisplay a list of installed Arduino libraries
listdlgCreate list selection dialog box
listenerCreate event listener without binding to event source
listfontsList available system fonts
listImpactedFilesGet files impacted by changes to specified project files (depuis R2021a)
listLengthNumber of arguments returned from customized indexing operations (depuis R2021b)
listModifiedFilesList modified files in project
listRequiredFilesGet files required by specified project files
listSecretsList secret names and metadata sizes from MATLAB vault (depuis R2024a)
loadLoad variables from file into workspace
load (COM)(To be removed) Initialize COM control object from file
loadenvLoad environment variables from .env and plain text files (depuis R2023a)
loadlibraryLoad C shared library into MATLAB
loadobjCustomize load process for objects
localfunctionsFunction handles to all local functions in MATLAB file
logLogarithme naturel
logDisplay record of commits in Git repository (depuis R2023b)
log10Common logarithm (base 10)
log1pCompute natural logarithm of 1+X accurately for small X
log2Base 2 logarithm and floating-point number dissection
logicalConvertir des valeurs numériques en expressions logiques
loglogLog-log scale plot
logmMatrix logarithm
logspaceGenerate logarithmically spaced vector
lookAheadBoundaryMatch boundary before specified pattern (depuis R2020b)
lookBehindBoundaryMatch boundary following specified pattern (depuis R2020b)
lookforSearch for keyword in reference page text
lookupFind value in dictionary by key (depuis R2023b)
lowerConvert strings to lowercase
lps22hbConnect to LPS22HB sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lps22hbConnect LPS22HB sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsList folder contents
lscovLeast-squares solution in presence of known covariance
lsm303cConnect to LSM303C sensor Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm303cConnect LSM303C sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm6ds3Connect to LSM6DS3 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm6ds3Connect LSM6DS3 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
lsm6ds3hConnect to LSM6DS3H sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm6ds3hConnect LSM6DS3H sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
lsm6dslConnection to LSM6DSL sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm6dslConnect LSM6DSL sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm6dsmConnect to LSM6DSM sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm6dsmConnect LSM6DSM sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
lsm6dsoConnect to LSM6DSO sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm6dsoConnect LSM6DSO sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
lsm6dsrConnect to LSM6DSR sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsm6dsrConnect LSM6DSR sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2023a)
lsm9ds1Connect to LSM9DS1 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus
lsm9ds1Connect LSM9DS1 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
lsqminnormMinimum norm least-squares solution to linear equation
lsqnonnegSolve nonnegative linear least-squares problem
lsqrSolve system of linear equations — least-squares method
luLU matrix factorization
lweekdate(Not recommended; use dateshift) Date of last occurrence of weekday in month
m2xdate(Not recommended; use exceltime) MATLAB date to Excel serial date number
magfieldlogReturn logged magnetic field data from mobile device sensor
magicMagic square
makehgtformCreate 4-by-4 transform matrix
makimaModified Akima piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation (depuis R2019b)
mapeMean absolute percentage error between arrays (depuis R2022b)
mapreduceProgramming technique for analyzing data sets that do not fit in memory
mapreducerDefine execution environment for mapreduce or tall arrays
maskedPatternPattern with specified display name (depuis R2020b)
mat2cellConvert array to cell array whose cells contain subarrays
mat2strConvert matrix to characters
matchesDetermine if pattern matches strings (depuis R2019b)
matchpairsSolve linear assignment problem
materialControl reflectance properties of surfaces and patches
matfileAccess and change variables in MAT-file without loading file into memory
MathWorks.MATLAB.Engine.MATLABEngine .NET class using MATLAB as a computational engine (depuis R2022b)
MathWorks.MATLAB.Types.MATLABArray.NET class to represent pointers to MATLAB arrays (depuis R2022b)
MathWorks.MATLAB.Types.MATLABObject.NET class to represent scalar instances of MATLAB classes (depuis R2022b)
MathWorks.MATLAB.Types.MATLABProvider.NET base class for invoking MATLAB functions (depuis R2023b)
MathWorks.MATLAB.Types.MATLABStruct.NET class to represent scalar MATLAB structures (depuis R2023a)
MathWorks.MATLAB.Types.MATLABWorkspace.NET class to manage interactions with MATLAB base workspace variables (depuis R2022b)
MathWorks.MATLAB.Types.RunOptions.NET class to specify options for MATLAB function evaluation (depuis R2022b)
MATLAB (H5ML)MATLAB utility functions not part of the HDF5 C library
matlab (Linux)Start MATLAB program from Linux system prompt
matlab (macOS)Start MATLAB program from macOS Terminal
matlab (Windows)Start MATLAB program from Windows system prompt
matlab.addons.disableAddonDisable installed add-on
matlab.addons.enableAddonEnable installed add-on
matlab.addons.installInstall add-on
matlab.addons.installedAddonsGet list of installed add-ons
matlab.addons.isAddonEnabledDetermine if add-on is enabled
matlab.addons.toolbox.installedToolboxesReturn information about installed toolboxes
matlab.addons.toolbox.installToolboxInstall toolbox file
matlab.addons.toolbox.packageToolboxPackage toolbox project
matlab.addons.toolbox.ToolboxOptionsOptions for packaging toolbox project (depuis R2023a)
matlab.addons.toolbox.toolboxVersionQuery or modify version of toolbox
matlab.addons.toolbox.uninstallToolboxUninstall toolbox
matlab.addons.uninstallUninstall add-on
matlab.alias.AliasFileManagerCreate and manage class alias definitions (depuis R2021b)
matlab.apputil.createCreate or modify app project file interactively using the Package App dialog box
matlab.apputil.getInstalledAppInfoList installed app information
matlab.apputil.installInstall app from a .mlappinstall file
matlab.apputil.packagePackage app files into a .mlappinstall file
matlab.apputil.runRun app programmatically
matlab.apputil.uninstallUninstall app
matlab.automation.diagnostics.DiagnosticFundamental interface for diagnostics
matlab.automation.VerbosityVerbosity level enumeration class
matlab.buildtool.BuildResultResult of running a build file or folder (depuis R2023b) of files and folders (depuis R2023a) collection that matches pattern (depuis R2023b)
matlab.buildtool.PlanFundamental interface for defining a build
matlab.buildtool.TaskSingle unit of work in a build
matlab.buildtool.TaskActionAction performed when task runs
matlab.buildtool.TaskContextContext provided when task runs
matlab.buildtool.TaskInputsContainer for task inputs (depuis R2023b)
matlab.buildtool.TaskOutputsContainer for task outputs (depuis R2023b)
matlab.buildtool.TaskResultResult of running a task
matlab.codeanalysis.refreshConfigurationRefresh cached Code Analyzer configuration (depuis R2023a)
matlab.codeanalysis.validateConfigurationValidate Code Analyzer configuration file (depuis R2023a)
matlab.codetools.requiredFilesAndProductsList dependencies of MATLAB program files
matlab.coverage.ResultResult of code coverage analysis (depuis R2023a)
matlab.datetime.compatibility.convertDatenumConvert inputs to datetime values in a backward-compatible way (depuis R2022a)
matlab.diagram.ClassViewerCreate class diagrams in Class Diagram Viewer app (depuis R2021a)
matlab.display.CompactDisplayRepresentationBase class for representing compact display of object array (depuis R2021b)
matlab.display.DimensionsAndClassNameRepresentationCompact display representation using dimensions and class name (depuis R2021b)
matlab.display.DisplayConfigurationDescribe display environment and settings (depuis R2021b)
matlab.display.PlainTextRepresentationCompact display representation using data in object array (depuis R2021b)
matlab.engine.connect_matlabConnect shared MATLAB session to MATLAB Engine for Python
matlab.engine.engineNameReturn name of shared MATLAB session
matlab.engine.find_matlabFind shared MATLAB sessions to connect to MATLAB Engine for Python
matlab.engine.FutureResultResults of asynchronous call to MATLAB function stored in Python object
matlab.engine.FutureResult.cancelCancel asynchronous call to MATLAB function from Python
matlab.engine.FutureResult.cancelledCancellation status of asynchronous call to MATLAB function from Python
matlab.engine.FutureResult.doneCompletion status of asynchronous call to MATLAB function from Python
matlab.engine.FutureResult.resultResult of asynchronous call to MATLAB function from Python
matlab.engine.isEngineSharedDetermine if MATLAB session is shared
matlab.engine.MatlabEnginePython object using MATLAB as computational engine within Python session
matlab.engine.shareEngineConvert running MATLAB session to shared session
matlab.engine.start_matlabStart MATLAB Engine for Python
matlab.engine.typedinterface.generateCPPGenerate C++ code interface for MATLAB namespaces, classes, and functions (depuis R2022a)
matlab.engine.typedinterface.generateCSharpGenerate C# code interface for MATLAB namespaces, classes, and functions (depuis R2023b)
matlab.exception.JavaExceptionCapture error information for Java exception
matlab.exception.PyExceptionCapture error information for Python exception
matlab.git.GitRepositoryGit repository object (depuis R2023b) Base class for developing chart objects (depuis R2019b) colorbar support to chart container subclass (depuis R2019b) legend support to chart container subclass (depuis R2019b) base class for graphics objects graphics object
matlab.indexing.IndexingOperationType of customized indexing operation and referenced indices (depuis R2021b) Base datastore class Blocked file-set for collection of blocks within file (depuis R2020a) File-reader object for files in a datastore File-set object for collection of files in datastore File-set for collection of files in datastore (depuis R2020a) file writing support to datastore (depuis R2020a) Folder property support to datastore (depuis R2020a) Add Hadoop support to datastore parallelization support to datastore shuffling support to datastore subset and fine-grained parallelization support to datastore (depuis R2022b) access to HDF4 multifile scientific datasets (SD) access to HDF-EOS grid data access to HDF-EOS swath files workspace variables to MATLAB script of XML element (depuis R2021a) section (depuis R2021a) in XML document (depuis R2021a) Document (depuis R2021a) XML document normalization options (depuis R2022a) of document nodes (depuis R2021a) type (depuis R2021a) that serializes an XML document (depuis R2021a) of XML document (depuis R2021a) defined by document type (depuis R2021a) base class for entity resolvers (depuis R2021a) that creates a text file (depuis R2021a) of element in XML file (depuis R2021a) of document nodes with names (depuis R2021a) of document nodes (depuis R2021a) in document type definition (depuis R2021a) XML markup parse error (depuis R2021b) base class for parse error handlers (depuis R2021b) location of parse error (depuis R2021b) class denoting XML markup parse error severity (depuis R2021b) markup parser (depuis R2021a) parser options (depuis R2021a) processing instruction (depuis R2021a) resource identifier (depuis R2021a) resource identifier type (depuis R2021a) in an XML document (depuis R2021a) type information (depuis R2021a) DOM writer options (depuis R2021a) stylesheet (depuis R2021a) transformation result as document (depuis R2021a) transformation result as file (depuis R2021a) transformation result as string (depuis R2021a) source document for transformation (depuis R2021a) source file for transformation (depuis R2021a) source string for transformation (depuis R2021a) source document for transformation (depuis R2021a) source file for transformation (depuis R2021a) source string for transformation (depuis R2021a) execution of stylesheet (depuis R2022a) document transformer (depuis R2021a) XPath expression (depuis R2021a) type for XPath expression evaluation (depuis R2021a) expression evaluator (depuis R2021a) base class for namespace prefix resolvers (depuis R2021a)
matlab.lang.correction.AppendArgumentsCorrectionCorrect error by appending missing input arguments
matlab.lang.correction.ConvertToFunctionNotationCorrectionCorrect error by converting to function notation (depuis R2019b)
matlab.lang.correction.ReplaceIdentifierCorrectionCorrect error by replacing identifier in function call (depuis R2019b)
matlab.lang.makeUniqueStringsConstruct unique strings from input strings
matlab.lang.makeValidNameConstruct valid MATLAB identifiers from input strings
matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchStateRepresent on and off states with logical values
matlab.metadata.abstractDetailsFind abstract methods and properties
matlab.metadata.ArrayDimension Size information for property validation
matlab.metadata.ClassDescribe MATLAB class
matlab.metadata.Class.fromNameReturn matlab.metadata.Class object that describes named class
matlab.metadata.DynamicPropertyDescribe dynamic property of MATLAB object
matlab.metadata.EnumerationMemberDescribe enumeration member of MATLAB class
matlab.metadata.EventDescribe event defined by MATLAB class
matlab.metadata.FixedDimension Fixed dimension in property size specification
matlab.metadata.MetaDataRoot of metadata class hierarchy
matlab.metadata.MethodDescribe MATLAB class method
matlab.metadata.NamespaceDescribe MATLAB namespace
matlab.metadata.Namespace.fromName Return matlab.metadata.Namespace object for specified namespace
matlab.metadata.Namespace.getAllNamespacesGet all top-level namespaces
matlab.metadata.PropertyDescribe property of MATLAB class
matlab.metadata.UnrestrictedDimension Unrestricted dimension in property size specification
matlab.metadata.Validation Describes property validation
matlab.mixin.CopyableSuperclass providing copy functionality for handle objects
matlab.mixin.CustomCompactDisplayProviderInterface for customizing object display within containers (depuis R2021b)
matlab.mixin.CustomDisplayInterface for customizing object display
matlab.mixin.HeterogeneousSuperclass for heterogeneous array formation
matlab.mixin.indexing.ForbidsPublicDotMethodCallDisallow calling public methods using dot notation (depuis R2021b)
matlab.mixin.indexing.OverridesPublicDotMethodCallCalling public methods with dot notation invokes overloaded dot indexing (depuis R2021b)
matlab.mixin.indexing.RedefinesBraceCustomize class indexing operations that use braces (depuis R2021b)
matlab.mixin.indexing.RedefinesDotCustomize class indexing operations that use dots (depuis R2021b)
matlab.mixin.indexing.RedefinesParenCustomize class indexing operations that use parentheses (depuis R2021b)
matlab.mixin.ScalarEnforce scalar behavior for class instances (depuis R2021b)
matlab.mixin.SetGetProvide handle classes with set and get methods
matlab.mixin.SetGetExactNamesRequire exact name match for set and get methods
matlab.mixin.util.PropertyGroupCustom property list for object display
matlab.mock.actions.AssignOutputsDefine return values for method called or property accessed
matlab.mock.actions.DoNothingTake no action (depuis R2020a)
matlab.mock.actions.Invoke Invoke function handle when method is called
matlab.mock.actions.ReturnStoredValueReturn stored property value
matlab.mock.actions.StoreValueStore property value
matlab.mock.actions.ThrowExceptionThrow exception when method is called or when property is set or accessed
matlab.mock.AnyArgumentsMatch any number of arguments
matlab.mock.constraints.Occurred Constraint qualifying mock object interactions
matlab.mock.constraints.WasAccessedConstraint determining property get access
matlab.mock.constraints.WasCalledConstraint determining method call
matlab.mock.constraints.WasSetConstraint determining property set interaction
matlab.mock.historySummary of classes representing mock object interaction history
matlab.mock.InteractionHistory Interface for mock object interaction history
matlab.mock.InteractionHistory.forMockReturn history from mock object
matlab.mock.MethodCallBehaviorSpecify mock object method behavior and qualify method calls
matlab.mock.PropertyBehaviorSpecify mock object property behavior and qualify interactions
matlab.mock.PropertyGetBehaviorSpecify mock property get behavior
matlab.mock.PropertySetBehaviorSpecify mock object set behavior
matlab.mock.TestCaseClass for writing tests with mocking framework arrays in HTTP queries 64 decoding of string 64 encoding of byte string or vector Authentication scheme or authorization information in HTTP messages value of AuthInfo parameter AuthInfo parameter value of AuthInfo parameter cookie received from server cookie information CookieInfo objects from HTTP response message history for authenticating HTTP requests in HTTP log record Accept header field WWW-Authenticate or Proxy-Authenticate header field Authentication-Info header field in response message Authorization or Proxy-Authorization header field Content-Disposition header field Content-Length field Content-Location header field Content-Type header field Cookie header field Date header field header field with any name and value value of parameter in field parameter from field value of parameter in field to support parameterized syntax header field containing date class for HTTP header fields containing nonnegative integers Location header field class for HTTP Content-Type and Accept header fields Set-Cookie header field CookieInfo object for each Set-Cookie field class for HTTP header fields containing URI components field of HTTP message header field value to MATLAB type header field value like another header field supported HeaderField subclasses two HeaderField arrays header field value and return as strings thrown by HTTP services controlling HTTP message exchange for binary data in HTTP messages next buffer of data for BinaryConsumer HTTP transfer from BinaryConsumer for HTTP message payloads to another consumer consumer for new HTTP payload or save next buffer of data for ContentConsumer HTTP data transfer to ContentConsumer for HTTP message payloads HTTP header for ContentProvider to another provider length of ContentProvider buffer of data to send in HTTP request message from ContentProvider buffer size for ContentProvider whether ContentProvider is restartable whether ContentProvider is reusable ContentProvider information data transfer from ContentProvider ContentProvider as string for files in HTTP messages next buffer of data to file for FileConsumer transfer of file to FileConsumer to send files buffer of data to send in HTTP request message from FileProvider FileProvider as string that sends form data Data property for multiple content types in HTTP messages next buffer of data for GenericConsumer data transfer to GenericConsumer ContentProvider for HTTP payloads length of GenericProvider buffer of data to send in HTTP request message from GenericProvider buffer size for GenericProvider whether GenericProvider is restartable whether GenericProvider is reusable for image data in HTTP payloads ImageConsumer for new image in HTTP message data for ImageConsumer to send MATLAB image data HTTP header for ImageProvider whether ImageProvider is restartable whether ImageProvider is reusable data transfer from ImageProvider consumer that converts JSON input into MATLAB data JSONConsumer for new HTTP message next buffer of JSON data for JSONConsumer to send MATLAB data as JSON string HTTP header for JSONProvider data transfer from JSONProvider for multipart content types in HTTP messages MultipartConsumer for new HTTP message next buffer of data for MultipartConsumer data transfer to MultipartConsumer to send multipart/form-data messages to send multipart/mixed HTTP messages HTTP header for MultipartProvider buffer of data to send in multipart HTTP request message data transfer from MultipartProvider consumer for HTTP payloads data to string in StringConsumer StringConsumer for new HTTP message next buffer of string data to response data transfer to StringConsumer to send MATLAB strings HTTP header for StringProvider buffer of data to send in HTTP request message from StringProvider data transfer from StringProvider Data property history log record or return human-readable version of vector of LogRecords media type used in HTTP headers of media type parameter value of media type parameter request or response message fields to message header existing fields in message header message header fields matching name or class fields from message header values in or add fields to message header or return formatted version of message of HTTP message or return formatted version of message body data message type monitor for HTTP message exchange all message transfers completed protocol version line of HTTP request message request message and complete HTTP request message without sending HTTP request message and receive response request method response message or reprocess response payload Content-Type line of HTTP message class of HTTP response name as text phrase code in HTTP response StatusCode object from string or number for StatusCode identifier as text phrase line of HTTP response message in query portion of uniform resource identifier (URI) query parameter as character vector query parameter as string resource identifier (URI)
matlab.perftest.FixedTimeExperimentTimeExperiment that collects fixed number of measurements
matlab.perftest.FrequentistTimeExperimentTimeExperiment that collects variable number of measurements
matlab.perftest.TestCaseClass for writing tests with performance testing framework
matlab.perftest.TimeExperimentInterface for measuring execution time of code under test
matlab.perftest.TimeResultResult from running time experiment
matlab.project.convertDefinitionFilesChange definition file type of project (depuis R2020b)
matlab.project.createProjectCreate blank project
matlab.project.deleteProjectStop folder management and delete project definition files (depuis R2019b)
matlab.project.extractProjectExtract project from archive (depuis R2022b)
matlab.project.isFileInProjectDetermine whether file or folder belongs to project (depuis R2023b)
matlab.project.isUnderProjectRootDetermine whether file or folder is under project root folder (depuis R2023a)
matlab.project.loadProjectLoad project
matlab.project.ProjectProject object
matlab.project.rootProjectGet root project
matlab.settings.FactoryGroup.createToolboxGroupCreate FactoryGroup root object for toolbox (depuis R2019b)
matlab.settings.loadSettingsCompatibilityResultsResults of upgrading personal settings of toolbox for specific version (depuis R2019b)
matlab.settings.mustBeIntegerScalarValidate that setting value is an integer scalar (depuis R2019b)
matlab.settings.mustBeLogicalScalarValidate that setting value is a logical scalar (depuis R2019b)
matlab.settings.mustBeNumericScalarValidate that setting value is a numeric scalar (depuis R2019b)
matlab.settings.mustBeStringScalarValidate that setting value is a string scalar (depuis R2019b)
matlab.settings.reloadFactoryFileLoad or reload factory settings (depuis R2019b)
matlab.settings.SettingsFileUpgraderVersion-specific changes in factory settings tree of toolbox (depuis R2019b)
matlab.SystemBase class for System objects
matlab.system.display.ActionCreate custom button in Block Parameters dialog box for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.display.HeaderSpecify header in Block Parameters dialog box for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.display.IconSpecify custom image as icon for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.display.SectionCreate property group section in Block Parameters dialog box for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.display.SectionGroupCreate nested groupings of properties in Block Parameters dialog box for MATLAB System block
matlab.system.mixin.FiniteSourceClass that adds ability to check for the end of finite data source used by System object
matlab.tall.blockMovingWindowApply moving window function and block reduction to padded blocks of data
matlab.tall.movingWindowApply moving window function to blocks of data
matlab.tall.reduceReduce arrays by applying reduction algorithm to blocks of data
matlab.tall.transformTransform array by applying function handle to blocks of data
matlab.task.configureMetadataConfigure Live Editor task metadata (depuis R2022a)
matlab.task.LiveTaskBase class for developing custom Live Editor tasks (depuis R2022a)
matlab.task.removeMetadataRemove Live Editor task metadata (depuis R2022a)
matlab.test.behavior.MissingTest if class satisfies contract for missing values
matlab.ui.componentcontainer.ComponentContainer Base class for developing custom UI component objects (depuis R2020b)
matlab.uitest.TestCaseClass for writing tests with app testing framework
matlab.uitest.TestCase.forInteractiveUseCreate test case for interactive use
matlab.uitest.unlockUnlock figure locked by app testing framework
matlab.unittest.constraints.BooleanConstraintFundamental interface for constraints that support Boolean operations
matlab.unittest.constraints.ConstraintFundamental interface for constraints
matlab.unittest.constraints.ToleranceFundamental interface for tolerances
matlab.unittest.diagnostics.ConstraintDiagnosticDiagnostic with fields common to constraints
matlab.unittest.fixtures.FixtureFundamental interface for test fixtures
matlab.unittest.FunctionTestCaseTest case for function-based tests
matlab.unittest.measurement.chart.ComparisonPlotVisually compare two sets of time experiment results (depuis R2019b)
matlab.unittest.measurement.DefaultMeasurementResultDefault implementation of MeasurementResult class
matlab.unittest.measurement.MeasurementResultBase class for classes holding measurement results
matlab.unittest.plugins.ParallelizableInterface for plugins that support running tests in parallel (depuis R2019b)
matlab.unittest.plugins.QualifyingPluginInterface for plugins that perform system-wide qualifications
matlab.unittest.plugins.TestRunnerPluginPlugin interface for extending test runner
matlab.unittest.TestSpecification of a single test
matlab.unittest.TestCaseSuperclass of all test classes
matlab.unittest.TestResultResult of running test suite
matlab.unittest.TestRunnerClass for running tests in unit testing framework
matlab.unittest.TestSuiteFundamental interface for grouping tests to run
matlab.wsdl.createWSDLClientCreate interface to SOAP-based web service
matlab.wsdl.setWSDLToolPathLocation of WSDL tools
matlab::data::apply_visitorCall Visitor class on arrays
matlab::data::apply_visitor_refCall Visitor class on array references
matlab::data::ArrayC++ base class for all array types
matlab::data::ArrayDimensionsType specifying array dimensions
matlab::data::ArrayFactoryC++ class to create arrays
matlab::data::ArrayTypeC++ array type enumeration class
matlab::data::CellArrayC++ class to access MATLAB cell arrays
matlab::data::CharArrayC++ class to access MATLAB character arrays
matlab::data::ColumnMajorC++ class to create iterators and ranges that iterate in column-major order (depuis R2022a)
matlab::data::ColumnMajorIterator<T>Templated C++ class to provide column-major random access iterator (depuis R2022a)
matlab::data::EnumArrayC++ class to access MATLAB enumeration arrays
matlab::data::EnumerationElement type for MATLAB enumeration arrays
matlab::data::ForwardIterator<T>Templated C++ class to provide forward iterator support for StructArray field names
matlab::data::MATLABFieldIdentifierC++ class used to identify field names in MATLAB struct array
matlab::data::MATLABStringElement type for MATLAB string arrays
matlab::data::ObjectElement type for MATLAB object arrays
matlab::data::ObjectArrayC++ class to access MATLAB object arrays
matlab::data::optional<T>Templated C++ class representing optional values
matlab::data::Range<ItType,ElemType>Templated C++ class to provide range-based operation support
matlab::data::Reference<Array>C++ class to get reference to Array
matlab::data::Reference<CharArray>C++ class to get reference to CharArray
matlab::data::Reference<EnumArray>C++ class to get reference to EnumArray
matlab::data::Reference<MATLABString>C++ class to get reference to element of StringArray
matlab::data::Reference<SparseArray<T>>Templated C++ class to get reference to SparseArray
matlab::data::Reference<Struct>C++ class to get reference to element of StructArray
matlab::data::Reference<StructArray>C++ class to get reference to StructArray
matlab::data::Reference<T>Templated C++ class to get references to Array elements
matlab::data::Reference<TypedArray<T>>Templated C++ class to get reference to TypedArray
matlab::data::RowMajorC++ class to create iterators and ranges that iterate in row-major order (depuis R2022a)
matlab::data::RowMajorIterator<T>Templated C++ class to provide row-major random access iterator (depuis R2022a)
matlab::data::SparseArray<T>Templated C++ class to access data in MATLAB sparse arrays
matlab::data::StringType representing strings as std::basic_string<char16_t>
matlab::data::StringArrayC++ class to access MATLAB string arrays
matlab::data::StructElement type for MATLAB struct arrays
matlab::data::StructArrayC++ class to access MATLAB struct arrays
matlab::data::TypedArray<T>Templated C++ class to access array data
matlab::data::TypedIterator<T>Templated C++ class to provide random access iterator in memory order
matlab::engine::connectMATLABConnect to shared MATLAB session synchronously
matlab::engine::connectMATLABAsyncConnect to shared MATLAB session asynchronously
matlab::engine::convertUTF16StringToUTF8StringConvert UTF-16 string to UTF-8 string
matlab::engine::convertUTF8StringToUTF16StringConvert UTF-8 string to UTF-16 string
matlab::engine::findMATLABFind shared MATLAB sessions synchronously
matlab::engine::findMATLABAsyncFind shared MATLAB sessions asynchronously
matlab::engine::FutureResultRetrieve result from asynchronous operation
matlab::engine::MATLABEngineEvaluate MATLAB functions from C++ program
matlab::engine::SharedFutureResult Retrieve result from asynchronous operation as shared future
matlab::engine::startMATLABStart MATLAB synchronously
matlab::engine::startMATLABAsyncStart MATLAB asynchronously
matlab::engine::StreamBuffer Define stream buffer
matlab::engine::String Define UTF-16 string
matlab::engine::terminateEngineClientFree engine resources during run time
matlab::engine::WorkspaceTypeType of MATLAB workspace
matlab::ExceptionC++ base class for exceptions
matlabdriveRoot folder of MATLAB Drive (depuis R2021a)
matlabrcSystem administrator-defined startup script for MATLAB
matlabReleaseCurrent MATLAB release information (depuis R2020b)
matlabrootMATLAB root folder
matlabshared.addon.LibraryBaseAbstract class for deriving Arduino add-on libraries
matlabshared.supportpkg.checkForUpdate(Not recommended) List of support packages that can be updated
matlabshared.supportpkg.getInstalledList of installed support packages
matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRootGet root folder of support packages
matlabshared.supportpkg.setSupportPackageRootSet root folder of support packages
matlab_jenvSet the Java path for MATLAB from system prompt (depuis R2021b)
maxMaximum of timeseries data
maxMaximum elements of array
maxflowMaximum flow in graph
MaximizeCommandWindowOpen Automation server window
maxkFind k largest elements of array
maxNumCompThreadsControl maximum number of computational threads
mcxGateMulti-controlled X gate
meanMean of timeseries data
meanValeur moyenne ou moyennée d’un tableau
medianMedian of timeseries data
medianMedian value of array
memmapfileCreate memory map to a file
memoizeAdd memoization semantics to function handle
MemoizedFunctionCall memoized function and cache results
memoryMemory information
menu(Not recommended) Create multiple-choice dialog box
mergeMerge Git branch, revision, or tag into current branch (depuis R2023b)
mergecatsMerge categories in categorical array
mergevarsCombine table or timetable variables into multicolumn variable
meshMesh surface plot
meshcContour plot under mesh surface plot
meshgridGrilles 2D et 3D
meshzMesh surface plot with curtain
metaclassObtain matlab.metadata.Class object
methodsClass method names
methodsviewView class methods
mexBuild MEX function or engine application
mex.getCompilerConfigurationsGet compiler configuration information for building MEX files
MExceptionCapture error information
MException.lastReturn last uncaught exception
mexErrMsgTxtDisplay error message and return to MATLAB prompt
mexextBinary MEX file-name extension
mexSetTrapFlag(Removed) Control response of MEXCALLMATLAB to errors
mexWarnMsgTxtWarning message
mfilenameFilename of currently running code
mgetDownload files from SFTP or FTP server
millisecondsDuration in milliseconds
minMinimum of timeseries data
minMinimum elements of array
MinimizeCommandWindowMinimize size of Automation server window
minkFind k smallest elements of array
minresSolve system of linear equations — minimum residual method
minspantreeMinimum spanning tree of graph
minuteMinute component of input date and time
minutesDuration in minutes
mislockedDetermine if function or script is locked in memory
missingCreate missing values
mkdirMake new folder on SFTP or FTP server
mkdirMake new folder
mkppMake piecewise polynomial
mlint(Not recommended) Check MATLAB code files for possible problems
mlintrptRun checkcode for file or folder
mlockPrevent clearing function or script from memory
mmfileinfoInformation about multimedia file
mobiledevCreate mobiledev object to acquire data from mobile device sensors
mobiledevlistList of mobile devices with accessible sensor data (depuis R2020b)
modReste d’une division (opération modulo)
modeMost frequent values in array
monthMonth number or name of input date and time
months(Not recommended; use between) Number of whole months between dates
moreControl paged output in Command Window
morebinsIncrease number of histogram bins
motorConnection to motor
motorCarrierConnection to Arduino MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020b)
movAbsHDUMove to absolute HDU number
moveRotate stepper motor connected to Adafruit Motor Shield
moveMove Ryze drone in all three axes (depuis R2020a)
moveMove Parrot drone in all six directions
moveMove tree node
moveRecord move or rename of factory setting or group (depuis R2019b)
moveMove or resize control in parent window
movebackMove Ryze drone backwards (depuis R2020a)
movedownMove Ryze drone down (depuis R2020a)
movefileMove or rename file or folder
moveforwardMove Ryze drone forward (depuis R2020a)
moveguiMove figure to specified location on screen
moveleftMove Ryze drone left (depuis R2020a)
moverightMove Ryze drone right (depuis R2020a)
moveupMove Ryze drone upwards (depuis R2020a)
movevarsMove variables in table or timetable
moviePlay recorded movie frames
movmadMoving median absolute deviation
movmaxMoving maximum
movmeanMoving mean
movmedianMoving median
movminMoving minimum
movNamHDUMove to first HDU having specific type and keyword values
movprodMoving product
movRelHDUMove relative number of HDUs from current HDU
movstdMoving standard deviation
movsumMoving sum
movvarMoving variance
mpu6050Connect to MPU-6050 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus
mpu6050Connect MPU-6050 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
mpu9250Connect to MPU-9250 sensor on Arduino hardware I2C bus
mpu9250Connect MPU-9250 sensor on Raspberry Pi hardware I2C bus (depuis R2021a)
mputUpload file or folder to SFTP or FTP server
msgboxCreate message dialog box
mu2linConvert mu-law audio signal to linear
multibandreadRead band-interleaved data from binary file
multibandwriteWrite band-interleaved data to file
munlockAllow clearing function or script from memory
mustBeAValidate that value comes from one of specified classes (depuis R2020b)
mustBeFileValidate that path refers to file (depuis R2020b)
mustBeFiniteValidate that value is finite
mustBeFloatValidate that value is floating-point array (depuis R2020b)
mustBeFolderValidate that input path refers to folder (depuis R2020b)
mustBeGreaterThanValidate that value is greater than another value
mustBeGreaterThanOrEqualValidate that value is greater than or equal to another value
mustBeInRangeValidate that value is in the specified range (depuis R2020b)
mustBeIntegerValidate that value is integer
mustBeLessThanValidate that value is less than another value
mustBeLessThanOrEqualValidate that value is less than or equal to another value
mustBeMemberValidate that value is member of specified set
mustBeNegativeValidate that value is negative
mustBeNonemptyValidate that value is nonempty
mustBeNonmissingValidate that value is not missing (depuis R2020b)
mustBeNonNanValidate that value is not NaN
mustBeNonnegativeValidate that value is nonnegative
mustBeNonpositiveValidate that value is nonpositive
mustBeNonsparseValidate that value is nonsparse
mustBeNonzeroValidate that value is nonzero
mustBeNonzeroLengthTextValidate that value is text with nonzero length (depuis R2020b)
mustBeNumericValidate that value is numeric
mustBeNumericOrLogicalValidate that value is numeric or logical
mustBePositiveValidate that value is positive
mustBeRealValidate that value is real
mustBeScalarOrEmptyValidate that value is scalar or empty (depuis R2020b)
mustBeSparseValidate that value is sparse (depuis R2023b)
mustBeTextValidate that value is string array, character vector, or cell array of character vectors (depuis R2020b)
mustBeTextScalarValidate that value is single piece of text (depuis R2020b)
mustBeUnderlyingTypeValidate that value has specified underlying type (depuis R2020b)
mustBeValidVariableNameValidate that input name is valid variable name (depuis R2020b)
mustBeVectorValidate that value is vector (depuis R2020b)
namedargs2cellConvert structure containing name-value pairs to cell array (depuis R2019b)
namedPatternDesignate named pattern (depuis R2020b)
namelengthmaxMaximum identifier length
NaNCreate array of all NaN values
nargchkValidate number of input arguments
narginNumber of function input arguments
narginNumber of input arguments for System object
narginchkValidate number of input arguments
nargoutNumber of function output arguments
nargoutNumber of output arguments for System object
nargoutchkValidate number of output arguments
native2unicodeConvert numeric bytes to Unicode character representation
nccreateCreate variable in netCDF file
ncdispDisplay contents of netCDF data source in Command Window
nchoosekBinomial coefficient or all combinations
ncinfo Return information about netCDF data source
ncreadRead data from variable in netCDF data source
ncreadattRead attribute from netCDF data source
ncwriteWrite data to netCDF file
ncwriteattWrite attribute to netCDF file
ncwriteschemaAdd netCDF schema definitions to netCDF file
ndgridRectangular grid in N-D space
ndimsNumber of array dimensions
nearestNearest neighbors within radius
nearestNeighborVertex closest to specified point
nearestNeighbor(Not recommended) Vertex closest to specified point
nearestNeighborDetermine nearest alpha shape boundary point
nearestvertexQuery nearest polyshape vertex
neighborsNeighbors of graph node
neighborsTriangle or tetrahedron neighbors
neighbors(Not recommended) Triangle or tetrahedron neighbors
NETSummary of functions in MATLAB .NET interface
NET.addAssemblyMake .NET assembly visible to MATLAB
NET.AssemblyMembers of .NET assembly
NET.convertArray(Not recommended) Convert numeric MATLAB array to .NET array
NET.createArrayArray for nonprimitive .NET types
NET.createDictionaryGeneric .NET Dictionary (depuis R2023a)
NET.createGenericCreate instance of specialized .NET generic type
NET.disableAutoReleaseLock .NET object representing RunTime Callable Wrapper (COM wrapper)
NET.enableAutoReleaseUnlock .NET object representing RunTime Callable Wrapper (COM wrapper)
NET.GenericClassRepresent parameterized generic type definitions
NET.interfaceViewExplicit interface view of .NET object (depuis R2023b)
NET.invokeGenericMethodInvoke generic method of object
NET.isNETSupportedCheck for supported version of Microsoft .NET
NET.NetExceptionCapture error information for .NET exception
NET.setStaticPropertyStatic property or field name
netcdf.abortRevert recent netCDF file definitions
netcdf.closeClose netCDF file
netcdf.copyAttCopy attribute to new location
netcdf.createCreate new netCDF dataset
netcdf.defDimCreate netCDF dimension
netcdf.defGrpCreate group in netCDF file
netcdf.defVarCreate netCDF variable
netcdf.defVarChunkingDefine chunking parameters for netCDF variable
netcdf.defVarDeflateDefine compression parameters for netCDF variable
netcdf.defVarFillDefine fill parameters for netCDF variable
netcdf.defVarFletcher32Define checksum parameters for netCDF variable
netcdf.defVlenDefine user-defined variable length array type (NC_VLEN) (depuis R2022a)
netcdf.delAttDelete netCDF attribute
netcdf.endDefEnd netCDF file define mode
netcdf.getAttReturn netCDF attribute
netcdf.getChunkCacheReturn default chunk cache settings for netCDF library
netcdf.getConstantReturn numeric value of named constant
netcdf.getConstantNamesReturn list of constants known to netCDF library
netcdf.getVarRead data from netCDF variable
netcdf.inqReturn information about netCDF file
netcdf.inqAttReturn information about netCDF attribute
netcdf.inqAttIDReturn ID of netCDF attribute
netcdf.inqAttNameReturn name of netCDF attribute
netcdf.inqDimReturn netCDF dimension name and length
netcdf.inqDimIDReturn dimension ID
netcdf.inqDimIDsReturn list of dimension identifiers in group
netcdf.inqFormatDetermine format of netCDF file
netcdf.inqGrpNameReturn name of group
netcdf.inqGrpNameFullComplete pathname of group
netcdf.inqGrpParentReturn ID of parent group
netcdf.inqGrpsReturn array of child group IDs
netcdf.inqLibVersReturn netCDF library version information
netcdf.inqNcidReturn ID of group
netcdf.inqUnlimDimsReturn IDs of all visible unlimited dimensions in group
netcdf.inqUserTypeReturn information about user-defined type (depuis R2022a)
netcdf.inqVarInformation about netCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarChunkingReturn chunking parameters for netCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarDeflateReturn compression parameters for netCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarFillReturn fill parameters for netCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarFletcher32Return checksum parameters for netCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarIDReturn ID associated with variable name
netcdf.inqVarIDsReturn IDs of all variables in group
netcdf.inqVlenReturn information about user-defined NC_VLEN type (depuis R2022a)
netcdf.openOpen netCDF data source
netcdf.putAttWrite data to netCDF attribute
netcdf.putVarWrite data to netCDF variable
netcdf.reDefPut open netCDF file into define mode
netcdf.renameAttChange name of netCDF attribute
netcdf.renameDimChange name of netCDF dimension
netcdf.renameVarChange name of netCDF variable
netcdf.setChunkCacheSet default chunk cache settings for netCDF library
netcdf.setDefaultFormatChange default netCDF file format
netcdf.setFillSet netCDF fill mode
netcdf.syncSynchronize netCDF file to disk
NETEnvironment.NET environment information (depuis R2022b)
newlineCréer un caractère de retour à la ligne
newplotDetermine where to draw graphics objects
nextpow2Exponent of next higher power of 2
nexttileCreate axes in tiled chart layout (depuis R2019b)
nnzNumber of nonzero matrix elements
nonzerosNonzero matrix elements
normNormes de vecteurs et de matrices
normalizeNormalize data
normest2-norm estimate
notebook(Removed) Open MATLAB Notebook in Microsoft Word (on Microsoft Windows platforms)
notifyNotify listeners that event is occurring
now(Not recommended; use datetime) Current date and time as serial date number
nsidedpolyRegular polygon
nthrootReal nth root of real numbers
nufftNonuniform fast Fourier transform (depuis R2020a)
nufftnN-D nonuniform fast Fourier transform (depuis R2020a)
nullNull space of matrix
num2cellConvert array to cell array with consistently sized cells
num2hexConvert single- and double-precision numbers to IEEE hexadecimal format
num2rulerConvert numeric data for use with specific ruler
num2strConvert numbers to character array
numArgumentsFromSubscriptNumber of arguments for customized indexing based on subsref and subsasgn
numboundariesNumber of polyshape boundaries
numedgesNumber of edges in graph
numelNombre d’éléments de tableau
numEntriesNumber of key-value pairs in dictionary (depuis R2022b)
numnodesNumber of nodes in graph
numpartitionsNumber of datastore partitions
numRegionsNumber of regions in alpha shape
numsidesNumber of polyshape sides
nweekdate(Not recommended; use dateshift) Date of specific occurrence of weekday in month
nzmaxAmount of storage allocated for nonzero matrix elements
Object (H5O)Objects in file
odeOrdinary differential equations (depuis R2023b)
ode113Solve nonstiff differential equations — variable order method
ode15iSolve fully implicit differential equations — variable order method
ode15sSolve stiff differential equations and DAEs — variable order method
ode23Solve nonstiff differential equations — low order method
ode23sSolve stiff differential equations — low order method
ode23tSolve moderately stiff ODEs and DAEs — trapezoidal rule
ode23tbSolve stiff differential equations — trapezoidal rule + backward differentiation formula
ode45Solve nonstiff differential equations — medium order method
ode78Solve nonstiff differential equations — high order method (depuis R2021b)
ode89Solve nonstiff differential equations — high order method (depuis R2021b)
odeEventODE event definition (depuis R2023b)
odegetExtract ODE option values
odeJacobianODE Jacobian matrix (depuis R2023b)
odeMassMatrixODE mass matrix (depuis R2023b)
ODEResultsResults of ODE integration (depuis R2023b)
odeSensitivityODE sensitivity analysis (depuis R2024a)
odesetCreate or modify options structure for ODE and PDE solvers
odextendExtend solution to ODE
onCleanupCleanup tasks upon function completion
onesCreate array of all ones
openOpen file for writing video data
openOpen file in appropriate application
openOpen context menu at location within UI figure (depuis R2020a)
openDiskFileOpen FITS file
openedFilesFile identifiers of all open files (depuis R2024a)
openExampleOpen a MathWorks example
openfigOpen figure saved in FIG-file
openFileOpen FITS file (extended-filename syntax)
opengl(To be removed) Control OpenGL rendering
openProjectLoad an existing project
openShellOpen terminal on host computer to use Linux shell on Raspberry Pi hardware
openShellOpen terminal on host computer for Linux shell on BeagleBone Black hardware
openvarOpen workspace variable in Variables editor or other graphical editing tool
OperationResultStatus of individual operation when upgrading toolbox (depuis R2019b)
optimgetOptimization options values
optimsetCreate or modify optimization options structure
optionalPatternMake pattern optional to match (depuis R2020b)
ordeigEigenvalues of quasitriangular matrices
orderedcolorsColor palettes for visualizing multiple data series (depuis R2023b)
orderfieldsOrder fields of structure array
ordqzReorder eigenvalues in QZ factorization
ordschurReorder eigenvalues in Schur factorization
orientPaper orientation for printing or saving
orientlogReturn logged orientation data from mobile device sensor
orthOrthonormal basis for range of matrix
outdegreeOut-degree of nodes
outedgesOutgoing edges from node
outerjoinOuter join between two tables or timetables
overlapsDetermine whether polyshape objects overlap
overlapsrangeDetermine if timetable row times overlap specified time range (depuis R2020a)
padAdd leading or trailing characters to strings
paddataPad data by adding elements (depuis R2023b)
padecoefPadé approximation of time delays
pagectransposePage-wise complex conjugate transpose (depuis R2020b)
pageeigPage-wise eigenvalues and eigenvectors (depuis R2023a)
pageinvPage-wise matrix inverse (depuis R2022a)
pagelsqminnormPage-wise minimum-norm least-squares solution to linear equation (depuis R2024a)
pagemldividePage-wise left matrix divide (depuis R2022a)
pagemrdividePage-wise right matrix divide (depuis R2022a)
pagemtimesPage-wise matrix multiplication (depuis R2020b)
pagenormPage-wise matrix or vector norm (depuis R2022b)
pagepinvPage-wise Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse (depuis R2024a)
pagesetupdlgPage setup dialog box
pagesvdPage-wise singular value decomposition (depuis R2021b)
pagetransposePage-wise transpose (depuis R2020b)
panEnable pan mode
panInteractionPan interaction
parallel.pool.ConstantCopy or create data only once on workers in parallel pool (depuis R2021b)
parallel.pool.DataQueueSend and automatically process data
parallel.pool.PollableDataQueueSend and manually retrieve data
parallelplotCreate parallel coordinates plot
paretoPareto chart
parfevalRun function in background
parfevalOnAllRun function on all workers in background
parforParallel for-loop
parquetDatastoreDatastore for collection of Parquet files
parquetinfoGet information about Parquet file
parquetreadRead columnar data from a Parquet file
parquetwriteWrite columnar data to Parquet file
parrotConnection to Parrot drone
parseParse function inputs
parseSoapResponse(Removed) Convert response string from SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) server into MATLAB types
partitionPartition a datastore
parulaParula colormap array
pascalPascal matrix
patchCreate patches of colored polygons
patchdemoxmlfilePatch demos.xml file (depuis R2021a)
pathView or change search path
path2rcSave current search path to pathdef.m file
pathsepSearch path separator for current platform
pathtoolOpen Set Path dialog box to view and change search path
patternPatterns to search and match text (depuis R2020b)
pauseStop MATLAB execution temporarily
pausePause playback of audioplayer object or recording of audiorecorder object
pbaspectControl relative lengths of each axis
pcgSolve system of linear equations — preconditioned conjugate gradients method
pchipPiecewise Cubic Hermite Interpolating Polynomial (PCHIP)
pcodeCreate content-obscured, executable files
pcolorPseudocolor plot
pdepeSolve 1-D parabolic and elliptic PDEs
pdevalInterpolate numerical solution of PDE
peaksPeaks function
perimeterPerimeter of 2-D alpha shape
perimeterPerimeter of polyshape
perlCall Perl script using operating system executable
permsAll possible permutations
permutePermuter les dimensions d’un tableau
persistentDefine persistent variable
piRatio de la circonférence du cercle par rapport à son diamètre
pidMotorConnection to motors in closed-loop PID control on Arduino MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020a)
pieLegacy pie chart
pie33-D pie chart
piechartPie chart (depuis R2023b)
pinkPink colormap array
pinvMoore-Penrose pseudoinverse
pivotSummarize tabular data in pivoted table (depuis R2023a)
planerotGivens plane rotation
playPlay audio from audioplayer object
playPlay audio from audiorecorder object
playPlay audio from audio device connected to Raspberry Pi
playblockingPlay audio from audioplayer object; hold control until playback completes
playTonePlay tone on piezo speaker using digital pin
playTonePlay tones from speaker on EV3 brick
plotTracé linéaire 2D
plotPlot timeseries
plotPlot graph nodes and edges
plotPlot alpha shape
plotPlot polyshape
plot33-D line plot
plotbrowser(Not recommended) Show or hide the Plot Browser
ploteditInteractively edit and annotate plots
plotmatrixScatter plot matrix
plottools(Not recommended) Show or hide plot tools
plotyy(Not recommended) Create graph with two y-axes
plusAdd numbers, append strings
pointLocationTriangle or tetrahedron enclosing point
pointLocation(Not recommended) Triangle or tetrahedron enclosing point
pol2cartTransform polar or cylindrical coordinates to Cartesian
polar(Not recommended) Polar coordinate plot
polaraxesCreate polar axes
polarbubblechartPolar bubble chart (depuis R2020b)
polarhistogramHistogram chart in polar coordinates
polarplotPlot line in polar coordinates
polarregionFilled polar rectangle (depuis R2024a)
polarscatterScatter chart in polar coordinates
pollRetrieve data from PollableDataQueue
polyPolynomial with specified roots or characteristic polynomial
polyareaArea of polygon
polybufferCreate buffer around points, lines, or polyshape objects
polyderPolynomial differentiation
polydivPolynomial long division (depuis R2024a)
polyeigPolynomial eigenvalue problem
polyfitAjuster des courbes polynomiales
polyintPolynomial integration
polyshape2-D polygonal shapes
polyvalPolynomial evaluation
polyvalmMatrix polynomial evaluation
posixtimeConvert MATLAB datetime to POSIX time
poslogReturn logged position data from mobile device sensor
possessivePatternMatch pattern without backtracking (depuis R2020b)
pow2Base 2 exponentiation and scaling of floating-point numbers
ppvalEvaluate piecewise polynomial
prctilePercentiles of data set
predecessorsNode predecessors
prefdirFolder containing preferences, settings, history, and layout files
pressPerform press gesture on UI component
previewPreview eight rows from file using import options
previewPreview live video data from webcam
previewPreview live video data from IP camera
previewPreview live video data from Ryze drone camera (depuis R2020a)
previewPreview live video data from Parrot drone FPV camera
previewPreview subset of data in datastore
primesPrime numbers less than or equal to input value
printPrint figure or save to specific file format
printdlgOpen figure Print dialog box
printopt(To be removed) Configure printer defaults
printpreviewOpen figure Print Preview dialog box
prismPrism colormap array
prodProduct of array elements
profileProfile execution time for functions
profsaveSave profiling results in HTML format
propedit(Not recommended) Open Property Editor
propedit (COM)Open built-in property page for COM control
propertiesClass property names
Property (H5P)Object property lists
Property InspectorOpen property inspector
propertyeditor(Not recommended) Show or hide the Property Editor
propertyInfo Retrieve metadata for webcam properties (depuis R2024a)
psiDigamma and polygamma functions
publishGenerate view of MATLAB file in specified format
pullDownload and merge new data from remote Git repository into local repository (depuis R2023b)
pushPublish local changes to remote Git repository (depuis R2023b)
PutCharArrayCharacter array in Automation server
putFileTransfer file from host computer to target hardware
putFileTransfer file from host computer to hardware
PutFullMatrixMatrix in Automation server workspace
PutWorkspaceDataData in Automation server workspace
pwdIdentifier le dossier courant
pyargsCreate keyword arguments for Python function
pyenvChange default environment of Python interpreter (depuis R2019b)
pyrunRun Python statements from MATLAB (depuis R2021b)
pyrunfileRun Python script file from MATLAB (depuis R2021b)
PythonEnvironmentPython environment information (depuis R2019b)
pyversion(Not recommended) Change default version of Python interpreter
qftGateQuantum Fourier transform gate
qmrSolve system of linear equations — quasi-minimal residual method
qrQR decomposition
qrdeleteRemove column or row from QR factorization
qrinsertInsert column or row into QR factorization
qrupdateRank 1 update to QR factorization
quad(Not recommended) Numerically evaluate integral, adaptive Simpson quadrature
quad2dNumerically evaluate double integral — tiled method
quadgkNumerically evaluate integral — Gauss-Kronrod quadrature
quadl(Not recommended) Numerically evaluate integral, adaptive Lobatto quadrature
quadv(Not recommended) Vectorized quadrature
quantileQuantiles of data set
quantum.backend.QuantumDeviceAWSQuantum device available through AWS
quantum.backend.QuantumDeviceIBMQuantum device available through IBM (depuis R2023b)
quantum.backend.QuantumTaskAWSTask sent to AWS for execution on quantum device
quantum.backend.QuantumTaskIBMTask sent to IBM for execution on quantum device (depuis R2023b)
quantum.gate.CompositeGateComposite gate for quantum computing
quantum.gate.QuantumMeasurementMeasurement result of quantum circuit
quantum.gate.QuantumStateState of qubits in quantum circuit
quantum.gate.SimpleGateSimple gate for quantum computing
quantumCircuitQuantum computing circuit
quarterQuarter number of input date and time
quboQuadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization
quboResultResult of solving QUBO problem
questdlgCreate question dialog box
QuitTerminate MATLAB Automation server
quitTerminate MATLAB program
quiverQuiver or vector plot
quiver33-D quiver or vector plot
qzGeneralized Schur (QZ) factorization for generalized eigenvalues
r1Gatez-axis rotation gate with global phase
rad2degConvert angle from radians to degrees
radiusregionFilled circular region (annulus) in polar coordinates (depuis R2024a)
randNombres aléatoires uniformément distribués
randiUniformly distributed pseudorandom integers
randnNormally distributed random numbers
randpermRandom permutation of integers
RandStreamRandom number stream
RandStream.createCreate statistically independent random number streams
RandStream.getGlobalStreamGet current global random number stream
RandStream.listList random number generator algorithms
RandStream.setGlobalStreamSet global random number stream
rankRank of matrix
raspiConnection to Raspberry Pi board
raspilistList Raspberry Pi hardware boards available for MATLAB Online connection
ratRational fraction approximation
ratsRational output
rbboxCreate rubberband box for area selection
rcondReciprocal condition number
readRead one or more video frames
readRead data from serial port (depuis R2019b)
readRead data from remote host over TCP/IP
readRead data from Bluetooth device (depuis R2020b)
readRead characteristic or descriptor data on a Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral device (depuis R2019b)
readRead data from I2C bus
readRead data from serial device (depuis R2019b)
readRead data from shift register
readRead messages from CAN channel (depuis R2020a)
readRead real-time sensor data at a specified rate
readRead acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic field, time, and overrun data from BNO055 sensor
readRead data from GPS (depuis R2020a)
readRead data from serial device
readRead data from I2C device
readRead messages from CAN channel (depuis R2021b)
readRead data from serial device
readRead data from I2C device
readRead data in datastore
readAccelerationRead one sample of acceleration from sensor
readAccelerationRead one sample of acceleration from BNO055 sensor
readAccelerationRead acceleration measured by the Accelerometer along x, y, and z axes
readAccelerationRead one sample of acceleration from sensor (depuis R2021a)
readallRead all data in datastore
readAngularPositionRead angular position of DC Motor in closed-loop control (depuis R2020a)
readAngularVelocityRead one sample of angular velocity from sensor
readAngularVelocityRead one sample of angular velocity from BNO055 sensor
readAngularVelocityRead angular velocity measured by the gyroscope along x, y, and z axes
readAngularVelocityRead one sample of angular velocity from sensor (depuis R2021a)
readasync(To be removed) Read data asynchronously from device
readATblHdrRead header information from current ASCII table
readAudioRead collected audio data from mobile device (depuis R2022b)
readBeaconButtonRead number of pressed button on infrared beacon
readBeaconProximityRead distance and heading from infrared sensor to beacon
readBTblHdrRead header information from current binary table
readButtonRead whether button on EV3 brick is being pressed
readCalibrationStatusRead calibration status of BNO055 sensor (depuis R2019b)
readCardHeader record of keyword
readcellCreate cell array from file
readColRead rows of ASCII or binary table column
readColorReads clear light and RGB components through APDS9960 sensor (depuis R2021b)
readColorRead color of object in front of color sensor
readCountRead current count value from encoder with X4 decoding
readCountRead current count value from encoder connected to MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020a)
readDigitalPinRead data from digital pin on Arduino hardware
readDigitalPinRead logical value from GPIO input pin
readDigitalPinRead logical value from GPIO input pin
readDistanceDistance to object in front of ultrasonic sensor
readDistance Read distance from ultrasonic sensor to object
readEchoTimeRead echo time of ultrasound waves
readFrameRead next video frame
readFrameReturn oldest image frame from board, web, or ArduCam module camera
readGestureRead gesture through APDS9960 sensor (depuis R2021b)
readHeightRead current height of Ryze drone relative to the takeoff surface (depuis R2020a)
readHeightRead current height of Parrot drone
readHumidityRead one sample of relative humidity data from the sensor (depuis R2021a)
readHumidityRead the humidity value from the Humidity sensor
readHumidityRead one relative humidity data sample from HTS221 sensor (depuis R2021a)
readimageRead specified image from datastore
readImgRead FITS image data
readJoystickRead the status of the joystick
readKeyCmplxKeyword as complex scalar value
readKeyDblKeyword as double precision value
readKeyLongLongKeyword as int64
readKeyLongStrLong string value
readKeyUnitPhysical units string from keyword
readLightIntensityRead intensity of light that reaches color sensor
readlineRead line of ASCII string data from serial port (depuis R2019b)
readlineRead line of ASCII string data from remote host over TCP/IP (depuis R2020b)
readlineRead line of ASCII string data from Bluetooth device (depuis R2020b)
readlinesRead lines of file as string array (depuis R2020b)
readMagneticFieldRead one sample of magnetic field from sensor
readMagneticFieldRead one sample of magnetic field strength from BNO055 sensor
readMagneticFieldRead the magnetic field measured by the Magnetometer along the x, y and z axis
readMagneticFieldRead one sample of magnetic field from sensor (depuis R2021a)
readmatrixRead matrix from file
readMobileSensorDataImport collected data file from mobile device via USB connection
readOrientationRead orientation data from BNO055 sensor (depuis R2019b)
readOrientationRead current orientation of Ryze drone in terms of Euler angles (depuis R2020a)
readOrientationRead Euler angles of Parrot drone
readPositionRead servo motor position
readPositionRead position from servo motor connected to Adafruit Motor Shield
readPressureRead one sample of barometric air pressure data from the sensor (depuis R2021a)
readPressureRead the pressure value from the Air Pressure sensor
readPressureRead one absolute pressure data sample from sensor (depuis R2021a)
readProximityRead the proximity from APDS9960 sensor (depuis R2021b)
readProximityRead distance from infrared sensor to object
readRecordHeader record specified by number
readRegisterRead data from I2C device register
readRegisterRead from register on I2C device
readRegisterRead from register on I2C device
readRotationRead rotation from motor
readRotationAngleRead rotation angle from gyroscopic sensor
readRotationRateRead rotation rate from gyroscopic sensor
readSpeedRead current rotational speed
readSpeedRead current rotational speed of DC Motor in closed loop control (depuis R2020a)
readSpeedRead current rotational speed of motor from rotary encoder (depuis R2020a)
readSpeedRead current speed of Ryze drone (depuis R2020a)
readSpeedRead speed of Parrot drone
readstructCreate structure array from file (depuis R2020b)
readtableCreate table from file
readTemperatureRead one sample of temperature from sensor (depuis R2021a)
readTemperatureRead the temperature value from the Humidity sensor or the Air Pressure sensor
readTemperatureRead one sample of temperature from sensor (depuis R2021a)
readtimetableCreate timetable from file
readTouchRead touch sensor value
readvarsRead variables from file
readVoltageRead voltage from analog pin on Arduino hardware
readVoltageRead voltage from ADC pins on sensor (depuis R2023a)
readVoltageRead voltage from analog input pin
realPartie réelle de nombre complexe
reallogNatural logarithm for nonnegative real arrays
realmaxLargest positive floating-point number
realminSmallest normalized floating-point number
realpowArray power for real-only output
realsqrtSquare root for nonnegative real arrays
recordRecord audio to audiorecorder object
record(To be removed) Record data and event information to file
recordRecord video from camera board or ArduCam Multi Camera Adapter Module camera
recordblockingRecord audio to audiorecorder object; hold control until recording completes
rectangleCreate rectangle with sharp or curved corners
rectintRectangle intersection area
recycleSet option to move deleted files to recycle folder
reducepatchReduce number of patch faces
reducevolumeReduce number of elements in volume data set
Reference (H5R)HDF5 references
refreshRedessiner la figure actuelle
refreshdataRefresh charted data
refreshSourceControlUpdate source control status of project files
regexpMatch regular expression (case sensitive)
regexpiMatch regular expression (case insensitive)
regexpPatternPattern that matches specified regular expression (depuis R2020b)
regexprepReplace text using regular expression
regexptranslateTranslate text into regular expression
regionsAccess polyshape regions
regionZoomInteractionRegion-zoom interaction
registereventAssociate event handler for COM object event at run time
regmatlabserverRegister current MATLAB as COM server
rehashRefresh function and file system path caches
releaseRelease stepper motor connected to Adafruit Motor Shield
releaseRelease the sensor object
releaseRelease the BNO055 object
releaseRelease the GPS object (depuis R2020a)
releaseRelease resources and allow changes to System object property values and input characteristics
releaseRelease COM interface
ReleaseCompatibilityExceptionException that occurs when upgrading toolbox (depuis R2019b)
ReleaseCompatibilityResultsResults of upgrading toolbox with specific version number (depuis R2019b)
reloadReload project
remRemainder after division
removeRemove dictionary entries (depuis R2023b)
removeDelete key-value pairs from Map object
removeRecord removal of factory setting or group (depuis R2019b)
RemoveConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate Remove method
RemoveAllConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate RemoveAll method
removeCategoryRemove project category of labels
removecatsRemove categories from categorical array
removeFieldsRemove fields from header field array
removeFileRemove file or folder from project
removeGroupRemove settings group (depuis R2019b)
removeLabelRemove label from project
removePathRemove folder from project path
removeReferenceRemove project reference
removeSecretRemove secret from MATLAB vault (depuis R2024a)
removeSettingRemove setting (depuis R2019b)
removeShortcutRemove shortcut from project
removeShutdownFileRemove shutdown file from project shutdown list
removeStartupFileRemove startup file from project startup list
removeStyleRemove style from UI component (depuis R2019b)
removeToolbarExplorationButtonsRemove data exploration buttons from figure toolbar
removeToolbarMapButtonRemove map button from toolbar (depuis R2021b)
removetsRemove timeseries from tscollection
removevarsDelete variables from table or timetable
renameRename file on SFTP or FTP server
renamecatsRename categories in categorical array
renamevarsRename variables in table or timetable (depuis R2020a)
rendererinfoGraphics renderer information
reordercatsReorder categories in categorical array
reordernodesReorder graph nodes
repelemRepeat copies of array elements
replaceFind and replace one or more substrings
replaceBetweenReplace substrings between start and end points
replaceFieldsChange values in or add fields to array of HeaderFields
repmatRépéter les copies de tableau
resampleResample time vector in timeseries or tscollection
rescaleScale range of array elements
resetClear all outputs of shift register
resetReset datastore to initial state
resetReset graphics object properties
resetReset internal states of System object
resetRestore properties of RESTFunctionConnector to default values (depuis R2024a)
reset (RandStream)Reset random number stream
resetCountSet count value to zero or user-specified value
resetCountSet encoder count value to zero or specified value (depuis R2020a)
resetRotationReset rotation count to zero
resetRotationAngleReset rotation angle to zero
reshapeRedimensionner le tableau en réorganisant les éléments existants
residuePartial fraction expansion (partial fraction decomposition)
resizeResize data by adding or removing elements (depuis R2023b)
RESTFunctionConnectorMATLAB to client application connection (depuis R2024a)
RESTFunctionServiceService for calling MATLAB functions from client applications (depuis R2024a)
restFunctionServicesList of function services in current MATLAB session (depuis R2024a)
restoredefaultpathRestore search path to factory-installed state
resume Resume playback of audioplayer object or recording of audiorecorder object from paused state
rethrowReissue error
rethrowRethrow previously caught exception
retimeResample or aggregate data in timetable, and resolve duplicate or irregular times
returnReturn control to invoking script or function
reverseReverse order of characters in strings
rgb2grayConvert RGB image or colormap to grayscale
rgb2hexConvert RGB triplets to hexadecimal color codes (depuis R2024a)
rgb2hsvConvert RGB colors to HSV
rgb2indConvert RGB image to indexed image
rgbplotPlot colormap
ribbonRibbon plot
rlimSet or query r-axis limits for polar axes
rmMark file for deletion from Git repository (depuis R2023b)
rmappdataRemove application data
rmboundaryRemove polyshape boundary
rmdirRemove folder on SFTP or FTP server
rmdirRemove folder
rmedgeRemove edge from graph
rmfieldSupprimer des champs d'une structure
rmholesRemove holes in polyshape
rmmissingRemove missing entries
rmnodeRemove node from graph
rmoutliersDetect and remove outliers in data
rmpathRemove folders from search path
rmprefRemove custom preference
rmpropRemove custom properties from table or timetable
rmsRoot mean square value
rmseRoot mean square error between arrays (depuis R2022b)
rmsliversRemove polyshape boundary outliers
rngControl random number generator
rootsRacines polynomiales
rose(Not recommended) Angle histogram
rosserClassic symmetric eigenvalue test problem
rot90Rotate array 90 degrees
rotaryEncoderConnection to quadrature encoder on Arduino or ESP32 hardware
rotaryEncoderConnection to rotary encoder on Arduino MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020a)
rotateRotate polyshape
rotateRotate object about specified origin and direction
rotate3dEnable rotate mode
rotateInteractionRotate interaction
roundRound to nearest decimal or integer
rowfilterSelectively import rows of interest (depuis R2022a)
rowfunApply function to table or timetable rows
rows2varsReorient table or timetable so that rows become variables
rrefReduced row echelon form (Gauss-Jordan elimination)
rsf2csfConvert real Schur form to complex Schur form
rtickangleRotate r-axis tick labels
rtickformatSpecify r-axis tick label format
rticklabelsSet or query r-axis tick labels
rticksSet or query r-axis tick values
ruler2numConvert data from specific ruler to numeric data
rulerPanInteractionRuler-pan interaction
runRun MATLAB script
run (TestCase)Run tests corresponding to test case
run (TestRunner)Run test suite
run (TestSuite)Run test suite using default test runner
runChecksRun all project checks (depuis R2020a)
runInParallelRun all tests in test suite in parallel
runperfRun set of tests for performance measurement
runtestsRun set of tests
rxGatex-axis rotation gate
rxxGateIsing XX coupling gate
ryGatey-axis rotation gate
ryyGateIsing YY coupling gate
ryzeConnection to Ryze drone (depuis R2020a)
ryzelistList of Ryze drones connected to your system (depuis R2021b)
ryzesetup Launch Hardware Setup for multi-drone workflow (depuis R2021b)
rzGatez-axis rotation gate
rzzGateIsing ZZ coupling gate
saveSave variables from workspace to file
save (COM)(To be removed) Serialize COM control object to file
saveasSave figure to specific file format
savefigSave figure and contents to FIG-file
saveobjModify save process for object
savepathSave current search path
scaleScale polyshape
scanI2CBusScan I2C bus on Arduino hardware for device address
scanI2CBusScan I2C bus device addresses
scanI2CBusScan I2C bus device addresses
scatterScatter plot
scatter33-D scatter plot
scatteredInterpolantInterpolate 2-D or 3-D scattered data
scatterhistogramCreate scatter plot with histograms
schurSchur decomposition
scrollScroll to location within component
scrollPerform scroll gesture on UI component (depuis R2024a)
secSecant of angle in radians
secdSecant of argument in degrees
sechHyperbolic secant
secondSeconds component of input date and time
secondsDuration in seconds
selectCamera Select camera on ArduCam Multi Camera Module (depuis R2023b)
semilogxSemilog plot (x-axis has log scale)
semilogySemilog plot (y-axis has log scale)
sendSend data to DataQueue or PollableDataQueue
sendCommandSend message to Arduino device from MATLAB
sendEventToHTMLSourceSend HTML UI component event from MATLAB to JavaScript (depuis R2023a)
sendmailSend email message to address list
sensehatCreate a Sense HAT object passing raspi object
SequentialDatastoreSequentially read data from multiple underlying datastores (depuis R2022b)
serial(To be removed) Create serial port object
serial Properties
serialbreakSend break to device connected to serial port
serialdevConnection to serial device on Raspberry Pi hardware
serialdevConnection to serial device on BeagleBone Black hardware
seriallist(To be removed) List of serial ports connected to your system
serialportConnection to serial port (depuis R2019b)
serialportfindFind serial port connections (depuis R2024a)
serialportlistList of serial ports connected to your system (depuis R2019b)
servoConnection to servo motor on Arduino or ESP32 hardware
servoConnection to servo motor on Adafruit Motor Shield V2 for Arduino
servoConnection to servo motor on Arduino MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020a)
servoCreate connection to servo motor
setSet property values for audioplayer object
setSet property values for audiorecorder object
setSet graphics object properties
setSet values for properties of a System object
setabstimeSet timeseries or tscollection times as date character vectors
setappdataStore application data
setBscaleReset FITS image scaling
setcatsSet categories in categorical array
setCompressionTypeSet image compression type
setdiffSet difference of two arrays
setDTRSet serial DTR pin (depuis R2019b)
setenvSet environment variable
setfieldAssign value to structure array field
setHCompScaleSet scale parameter for HCOMPRESS algorithm
setHCompSmoothSet smoothing for images compressed with HCOMPRESS
setinterpmethodSet default interpolation method for timeseries object
setpixelpositionSet component position in pixels
setprefSet custom preference value
setRTSSet serial RTS pin (depuis R2019b)
setSecretAdd secret to MATLAB vault (depuis R2024a)
setSecretMetadataSet metadata of secret in MATLAB vault (depuis R2024a)
setSharedResourcePropertySet shared resource property
setTileDimSet tile dimensions
settimeseriesnamesRename timeseries in tscollection
SettingRepresents individual setting
settingsAccess the SettingsGroup root object
SettingsGroupGroup of settings and subgroup objects
setTscaleReset image scaling
setuniformtimeModify uniform timeseries time vector
setupOne-time set up tasks for System objects
setvaroptsSet variable import options
setvartypeSet variable data types
setxorSet exclusive OR of two arrays
sftpConnection to SFTP server to access its files (depuis R2021b)
sGateS gate
sgtitleAdd title to grid of plots
shadingSet color shading of surfaces and patches
sheetnamesGet sheet names from spreadsheet file (depuis R2019b)
sheetnamesQuery sheet names from datastore
shgShow current figure
shiftdimShift array dimensions
shiftRegisterConnection to shift register on Arduino hardware
Short-Circuit &&Logical AND with short-circuiting
Short-Circuit ||Logical OR with short-circuiting
shortestpathShortest path between two single nodes
shortestpathtreeShortest path tree from node
showAllPinsShow diagram of all pins
showLEDsShow location, name, and color of user-controllable LEDs
showLEDsShow location, name, and color of user-controllable LEDs
showPinsShow diagram of GPIO pins
showPinsShow diagram of GPIO pins
showplottool(Not recommended) Show or hide specified plot tool
shrinkfacesReduce size of patch faces
shuffleShuffle all data in datastore
siGateInverse S gate
signSign function (signum function)
simplifyReduce multigraph to simple graph
simplifySimplify polyshape boundaries
sinSinus de l’argument en radians
sindSine of argument in degrees
singleSingle-precision arrays
sinhHyperbolic sine
sinpiCompute sin(X*pi) accurately
sizeTaille d'un tableau
sizeSize of Map object
sizeSize of triangulation connectivity list
size(Not recommended) Size of triangulation matrix
skySky colormap array (depuis R2023a)
sliceVolume slice planes
smooth3Smooth 3-D data
smoothdataSmooth noisy data
smoothdata2 Smooth noisy data in two dimensions (depuis R2023b)
snapnowTake snapshot of image for inclusion in published document
snapshotCapture latest RGB image frame from Camera Board or selected camera on ArduCam Multi Camera Adapter Module
snapshotCapture RGB image from web camera
snapshotAcquire single image frame from a webcam
snapshotAcquire single image frame from an IP camera
snapshotAcquire single image frame from mobile device camera
snapshotAcquire single image frame from Ryze drone camera (depuis R2020a)
snapshotAcquire single image frame from Parrot drone FPV camera
solutionFcnConstruct function that interpolates ODE solution (depuis R2023b)
solveSolve ODE over interval or at specified points (depuis R2023b)
solveSolve QUBO (Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization) problem
sonicSensorConnection to ultrasonic sensor
sortSort array elements
sortboundariesSort polyshape boundaries
sortregionsSort polyshape regions
sortrowsSort rows of matrix or table
sortxSort elements in heatmap row
sortySort elements in heatmap column
soundConvert matrix of signal data to sound
soundscScale data and play as sound
spallocAllocate space for sparse matrix
sparseCreate sparse matrix
spaugmentForm least-squares augmented system
spconvertImport from sparse matrix external format
spdiagsExtract nonzero diagonals and create sparse band and diagonal matrices
specularCalculate specular reflectance
speyeSparse identity matrix
spfunApply function to nonzero sparse matrix elements
sph2cartTransform spherical coordinates to Cartesian
sphereCreate sphere
spidevConnection to SPI device on Raspberry Pi hardware
spidevConnection to SPI device on BeagleBone Black hardware
spinmap(To be removed) Rotate colormap colors
splineCubic spline data interpolation
splitSplit strings at delimiters
splitSplit calendar duration into numeric and duration units
splitapplySplit data into groups and apply function
splitEachLabelSplit ImageDatastore labels by proportions
splitlinesSplit strings at newline characters
splitvarsSplit multicolumn variables in table or timetable
sponesReplace nonzero sparse matrix elements with ones
spparmsSet parameters for sparse matrix routines
sprandSparse uniformly distributed random matrix
sprandnSparse normally distributed random matrix
sprandsymSparse symmetric random matrix
sprankStructural rank
spreadsheetDatastoreDatastore for spreadsheet files
spreadsheetImportOptionsImport options object for Spreadsheets
springSpring colormap array
sprintfFormat data into string or character vector
spyVisualize sparsity pattern of matrix
sqrtSquare root
sqrtmMatrix square root
squeezeSupprimer les dimensions de longueur 1
ss2tfConvert state-space representation to transfer function
sscanfRead formatted data from strings
stackStack data from input table or timetable into one variable in output table or timetable
stackedplotStacked plot of several variables with common x-axis
stairsStairstep graph
standardizeMissingInsert standard missing values
startStart DC motor connected to Adafruit Motor Shield
startStart DC motor connected to MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020a)
startStart motor
startStart timer
startStart REST function connector from MATLAB (depuis R2024a)
startStart REST function service from MATLAB (depuis R2024a)
startatSchedule timer to fire at specified time
startsWithDetermine if strings start with pattern
startupUser-defined startup script for MATLAB
statsReturn cached values and statistics for MemoizedFunction object
status Display status of files in working folder and staging area in Git repository (depuis R2023b)
stdStandard deviation of timeseries data
stdStandard deviation
stemPlot discrete sequence data
stem3Plot 3-D discrete sequence data
stepRun System object algorithm
stepperConnection to stepper motor on Adafruit Motor Shield V2 for Arduino
stlreadCreate triangulation from STL file
stlwriteCreate STL file from triangulation
stopStop playback of audioplayer object or recording of audiorecorder object
stopStop DC motor connected to Adafruit Motor Shield
stopStop DC motor connected to MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020a)
stopStop data collection from sensor object (depuis R2020a)
stopStop data collection from GPS module (depuis R2020a)
stopStop recording from camera board or selected camera on ArduCam Multi Camera Adapter Module
stopStop motor
stopStop timer
stopStop REST function connector from MATLAB (depuis R2024a)
stopasync(To be removed) Stop asynchronous read and write operations
str2doubleConvert strings to double precision values
str2funcConstruct function handle from character vector
str2mat(Not recommended) Form blank-padded character array from strings
str2numConvert character array or string to numeric array
strcatConcaténer les chaînes de caractères horizontalement
strcmpCompare strings
strcmpiCompare strings (case insensitive)
stream2Compute 2-D streamline data
stream3Compute 3-D streamline data
streamlinePlot streamlines from 2-D or 3-D vector data
streamparticlesPlot stream particles
streamribbon3-D stream ribbon plot from vector volume data
streamslicePlot streamlines in slice planes
streamtubeCreate 3-D stream tube plot
strfindFind strings within other strings
stringString array
stringsCreate string array with no characters
stripRemove leading and trailing characters from strings
strjoinJoin strings in array
strjustJustify strings
strlengthLengths of strings
strmatch(Not recommended) Find possible matches for string
strncmpCompare first n characters of strings (case sensitive)
strncmpiCompare first n characters of strings (case insensitive)
strread(Not recommended) Read formatted data from string
strrepFind and replace substrings
strsplitSplit string or character vector at specified delimiter
strtokSelected parts of strings
strtrimRemove leading and trailing whitespace from strings
structStructure array
struct2cellConvert structure to cell array
struct2tableConvert structure array to table
structfunApply function to each field of scalar structure
strvcat(Not recommended) Concatenate strings vertically
sub2indConvert subscripts to linear indices
subgraphExtract subgraph
subplotCréer des axes dans des mosaïques de figure
subsasgnRedefine subscripted assignment
subscribeSubscribe to characteristic notification or indication (depuis R2019b)
subsetCreate subset of datastore or FileSet
subsindexConvert object to array index
subspaceAngle between two subspaces
subsrefSubscripted reference
substructCreate structure argument for subsasgn or subsref
subtitleAdd subtitle to plot (depuis R2020b)
subtractDifference of two polyshape objects
subvolumeExtract subset of volume data set
successorsNode successors
sumSum of array elements
sumSum of timeseries data
summaryPrint summary of table, timetable, or categorical array
summerSummer colormap array
superclassesNames of superclasses
support(To be removed) Open MathWorks Help Center page
supportPackageInstaller(Not recommended) Install support for third-party hardware or software
surfSurface plot
surf2patchConvert surface data to patch data
surfacePrimitive surface plot
surfaceAreaSurface area of 3-D alpha shape
surfcContour plot under surface plot
surflSurface plot with colormap-based lighting
surfnormSurface normals
svdSingular value decomposition
svdappendRevise SVD after appending data (depuis R2023b)
svdsSubset of singular values and vectors
svdsketchCompute SVD of low-rank matrix sketch (depuis R2020b)
swapbytesSwap byte ordering
swapGateSwap gate
swarmchartSwarm scatter chart (depuis R2020b)
swarmchart33-D swarm scatter chart (depuis R2020b)
switch, case, otherwiseExécuter un ou plusieurs groupes d’instructions
switchBranchSwitch Git branch (depuis R2023b)
sylvesterSolve Sylvester equation AX + XB = C for X
symamdSymmetric approximate minimum degree permutation
symbfactSymbolic factorization analysis
symmlqSolve system of linear equations — symmetric LQ method
symrcmSparse reverse Cuthill-McKee ordering
symvarDetermine symbolic variables in expression
synceventsAdd and synchronize variables from attached event table to timetable (depuis R2023a)
synchronizeSynchronize timetables to common time vector, and resample or aggregate data from input timetables
synchronizeSynchronize and resample two timeseries objects using common time vector
sysobjupdateUpdate custom System object to latest syntax (depuis R2020b)
systemRun command in Linux shell on Raspberry Pi hardware
systemRun command in Linux shell on BeagleBone Black hardware
systemExecute operating system command and return output
tableTable array with named variables that can contain different types
table2arrayConvert table to homogeneous array
table2cellConvert table to cell array
table2structConvert table to structure array
table2timetableConvert table to timetable
tabularTextDatastoreDatastore for tabular text files
tabuSearchTabu search algorithm for QUBO solve
tabuSearchResultResult of solve for Tabu search algorithm
tailGet bottom rows of array or table
takeoffInitiate Ryze drone takeoff (depuis R2020a)
takeoffInitiate Parrot drone takeoff
tallCreate tall array
TallDatastoreDatastore for checkpointing tall arrays
tallrngControl random number generation for tall arrays
tanTangent of argument in radians
tandTangent of argument in degrees
tanhHyperbolic tangent
tarCompress files into tar file
targetHardwareCreate configuration object for hardware
tcpclientCreate TCP/IP client connection with TCP/IP server
tcpclientfindFind TCP/IP client connections (depuis R2024a)
tempdirNom du dossier temporaire du système
tempnameUnique name for temporary file
tensorprodTensor products between two tensors (depuis R2022a)
terminateTerminate process associated with Python interpreter (depuis R2019b)
testrunnerCreate test runner (depuis R2021a)
testsuiteCreate suite of tests
tetrameshTetrahedron mesh plot
texlabelFormat text with TeX characters
textAdd text descriptions to data points
textBoundaryMatch start or end of text (depuis R2020b)
textread(Not Recommended) Read data from text file; write to multiple outputs
textscanRead formatted data from text file or string
textwrapWrap text for user interface control
tfqmrSolve system of linear equations — transpose-free quasi-minimal residual method
tGateT gate
thetalimSet or query theta-axis limits for polar axes
thetaregionFilled wedge in polar coordinates (depuis R2024a)
thetatickformatSpecify theta-axis tick label format
thetaticklabelsSet or query theta-axis tick labels
thetaticksSet or query theta-axis tick values
thingSpeakReadRead data stored in ThingSpeak channel
thingSpeakWriteWrite data to ThingSpeak channel
throwThrow exception
throwAsCallerThrow exception as if occurs within calling function
ticStart stopwatch timer
TiffMATLAB Gateway to LibTIFF library routines
Tiff.closeClose Tiff object
Tiff.computeStripIndex number of strip containing specified coordinate
Tiff.computeTileIndex number of tile containing specified coordinates
Tiff.currentDirectoryReturn index of current IFD
Tiff.getTagValue of specified tag
Tiff.getTagNamesList of recognized TIFF tags
Tiff.getVersionLibTIFF library version
Tiff.isTiledDetermine if image is tiled
Tiff.lastDirectoryDetermine if current IFD is last in file
Tiff.nextDirectoryMake next IFD the current IFD
Tiff.numberOfStripsTotal number of strips in image
Tiff.numberOfTilesTotal number of tiles in image
Tiff.readRead entire TIFF image
Tiff.readEncodedStripRead data from specified strip
Tiff.readEncodedTileRead data from specified tile
Tiff.readRGBAImageRead image using RGBA interface
Tiff.readRGBAStripRead strip data using RGBA interface
Tiff.readRGBATileRead tile data using RGBA interface
Tiff.rewriteDirectoryWrite modified metadata to existing IFD
Tiff.setDirectoryMake specified IFD the current IFD
Tiff.setSubDirectoryMake subIFD the current IFD
Tiff.setTagSet value of tag
Tiff.writeWrite entire image
Tiff.writeDirectoryCreate new IFD and make it current IFD
Tiff.writeEncodedStripWrite data to specified strip
Tiff.writeEncodedTileWrite data to specified tile
tiGateInverse T gate
tightPositionPosition of axes plotting area (depuis R2022b)
tiledlayoutCreate tiled chart layout for displaying subplots (depuis R2019b)
tilenumTile location numbers in tiled chart layout (depuis R2022b)
tilerowcolRow and column numbers in tiled chart layout (depuis R2022b)
timeConvert time of calendar duration to duration
timeitMeasure time required to run function
timeofdayElapsed time since midnight for datetime arrays
timerSchedule execution of MATLAB commands
timerangeTime range for timetable row subscripting
timerfindFind timer objects
timerfindallFind all timer objects
timeseriesCreate timeseries object
timeseries2timetableConvert timeseries objects to timetable (depuis R2021b)
timetableTables for time series data, with timestamped rows and variables of different types
timetable2tableConvert timetable to table
timezonesList time zones
titleAdd title
tocRead elapsed time from stopwatch
todatenum(Not recommended) Convert CDF epoch object to MATLAB serial date number
today(Not recommended; use datetime("today")) Current date
toeplitzToeplitz matrix
toolboxdirRoot folder for specified toolbox
topkrowsTop rows in sorted order
toposortTopological order of directed acyclic graph
touchSensorConnection to touch sensor
traceSum of diagonal elements
transclosureTransitive closure
transform Transform XML document (depuis R2021a)
transformTransform datastore
TransformedDatastoreDatastore to transform underlying datastore
transformToStringTransform XML document and return result as a string (depuis R2021a)
translateTranslate polyshape
transposeTransposer un vecteur ou une matrice
transreductionTransitive reduction
trapzTrapezoidal numerical integration
treelayoutLay out tree or forest
treeplotPlot picture of tree
trenddecompFind trends in data (depuis R2021b)
triangulationTriangulation in 2-D or 3-D
triangulationTriangulate polyshape
trilLower triangular part of matrix
trimdataTrim data by removing elements (depuis R2023b)
trimeshTriangular mesh plot
triplequad(Not recommended) Numerically evaluate triple integral
triplot2-D triangular plot
TriRep(Not recommended) Triangulation representation
TriScatteredInterp(Not recommended) Interpolate scattered data
trisurfTriangular surface plot
triuUpper triangular part of matrix
trueLogical 1 (true)
try, catchExecute statements and catch resulting errors
tscollectionCreate tscollection object
tsdata.eventCreate tsdata.event object
tsearchnN-D closest simplex search
turboTurbo colormap array (depuis R2020b)
turnTurn Ryze drone by a specified angle (depuis R2020a)
turnTurn Parrot drone at specified angle
turningdistCompute turning distance between polyshape objects
typeDisplay contents of file
typeType in UI component
typecastConvert data type without changing underlying data
typesTypes of dictionary keys and values (depuis R2022b)
tzoffsetTime zone offset from UTC
ucrxGateUniformly controlled x-axis rotation gate (depuis R2023b)
ucryGateUniformly controlled y-axis rotation gate (depuis R2023b)
ucrzGateUniformly controlled z-axis rotation gate (depuis R2023b)
uialertDisplay alert dialog box
uiaxesCreate UI axes for plots in apps
uibuttonCreate push button or state button component
uibuttongroupCreate button group to manage radio buttons and toggle buttons
uicheckboxCreate check box component
uicolorpickerCreate color picker component (depuis R2024a)
uiconfirmCreate confirmation dialog box
uicontextmenuCreate context menu component
uicontrolCreate user interface control
uidatepickerCreate date picker component
uidropdownCreate drop-down component
uieditfieldCreate text or numeric edit field component
uifigureCreate figure for designing apps
uigaugeCreate gauge component
uigetdirOpen folder selection dialog box
uigetfileOpen file selection dialog box
uigetpref Create dialog box that opens according to user preference
uigridlayoutCreate grid layout manager
uihtmlCreate HTML UI component (depuis R2019b)
uihyperlinkCreate hyperlink component (depuis R2021a)
uiimageCreate image component
uiknobCreate knob component
uilabelCreate label component
uilampCreate lamp component
uilistboxCreate list box component
uimenuCreate menu or menu items
uint1616-bit unsigned integer arrays
uint3232-bit unsigned integer arrays
uint6464-bit unsigned integer arrays
uint88-bit unsigned integer arrays
uiopenOpen file selection dialog box and load selected file into workspace
uipanelCreate panel container
uiprogressdlgCreate progress dialog box
uipushtoolCreate push tool in toolbar
uiputfileOpen dialog box for saving files
uiradiobuttonCreate radio button component
uiresumeResume execution of suspended program
uisaveOpen dialog box for saving variables to MAT-file
uisetcolorOpen color picker
uisetfontOpen font selection dialog box
uisetprefManage preferences used in uigetpref
uisliderCreate slider or range slider component
uispinnerCreate spinner component
uistackReorder visual stacking of UI components
uistyleCreate style for UI component (depuis R2019b)
uiswitchCreate slider switch, rocker switch, or toggle switch component
uitabCreate tabbed panel
uitabgroupCreate container for tabbed panels
uitable Create table user interface component
uitextareaCreate text area component
uitogglebuttonCreate toggle button component
uitoggletoolCreate toggle tool in toolbar
uitoolbarCreate toolbar in figure
uitreeCreate tree or check box tree component
uitreenodeCreate tree node component
uiwaitBlock program execution and wait to resume
ultrasonicConnection to ultrasonic sensor on Arduino hardware
uminusUnary minus
underlyingTypeType of underlying data determining array behavior (depuis R2020b)
underlyingValueUnderlying numeric value for C++ enumeration object created in MATLAB
undocheckout(Removed) Undo previous checkout from source control system (UNIX platforms)
unicode2nativeConvert Unicode character representation to numeric bytes
unionSet union of two arrays
unionUnion of polyshape objects
uniqueUnique values in array
uniquetolUnique values within tolerance
unitaryGateUnitary matrix gate (depuis R2023b)
unixExecute UNIX command and return output
unloadUnload process associated with C++ library (depuis R2023a)
unloadlibraryUnload shared C library from memory
unmeshConvert edge matrix to coordinate and Laplacian matrices
unmkppExtract piecewise polynomial details
unregisteralleventsUnregister all event handlers associated with COM object events
unregistereventUnregister event handler associated with COM object event at run time
unsetenvRemove environment variable (depuis R2022b)
unstackUnstack data from one variable into multiple variables
unsubscribeUnsubscribe from characteristic notification and indication (depuis R2019b)
untarExtract contents of tar file
unwrapShift phase angles
unzipExtract contents of zip file
updateDependenciesUpdate project dependencies
upgradePreviouslyInstalledSupportPackagesGet previously installed hardware support packages and optional features for the currently installed release
uplusUnary plus
upperConvert strings to uppercase
urlreadDownload URL content to character vector (not recommended)
urlwriteDownload URL content and save to file (not recommended)
usejavaDetermine if Java feature is available
userpathView or change default user work folder
validateattributesCheck validity of array
validatecolorValidate color values (depuis R2020b)
validateFunctionSignaturesJSONValidate functionSignatures.json files
validatePinValidate that pin supports specific functionality
validatestringCheck validity of text
ValueIteratorAn iterator over intermediate values for use with mapreduce
valuesValues of dictionary (depuis R2022b)
valuesReturn values of Map object
vanderVandermonde matrix
varVariance of timeseries data
vararginVariable-length input argument list
varargoutVariable-length output argument list
varfunApply function to table or timetable variables
vartypeSubscript into table or timetable by variable type
vecnormVector-wise norm
vectorize(Not recommended) Vectorize expression
ver(Not recommended) Version information
verctrl(Removed) Source control actions (Windows platforms)
verLessThan(Not recommended) Compare toolbox version to specified character vector
versionVersion number for MATLAB and libraries
VersionResultsResults of upgrade operations (depuis R2019b)
vertcatConcatenate arrays vertically
vertexAttachmentsTriangles or tetrahedra attached to vertex
vertexAttachments(Not recommended) Triangles or tetrahedra attached to vertex
vertexNormalTriangulation vertex normal
VideoReaderCreate object to read video files
VideoWriterCreate object to write video files
viewCamera line of sight
viewmtxView transformation matrices
visdiffCompare two files or folders
volumeVolume of 3-D alpha shape
volumeboundsCoordinate and color limits for volume data
voronoiVoronoi diagram
voronoiDiagramVoronoi diagram of Delaunay triangulation
voronoiDiagram(Not recommended) Voronoi diagram of Delaunay triangulation
voronoinN-D Voronoi diagram
waitBlock command prompt until timer stops running
waitWait for futures to complete
waitbarCreate or update wait bar dialog box
waitforBlock execution and wait for condition
waitforbuttonpressWait for click or key press
warndlgCreate warning dialog box
warningDisplay warning message
waterfallWaterfall plot
webOpen web page or file in browser
webcamCreate connection to Raspberry Pi web camera
webcamConnection to web camera on BeagleBone Black hardware
webcamConnection to a webcam
webcamlistList of webcams connected to your system
weboptionsSpecify parameters for RESTful web service
webreadRead content from RESTful web service
websaveSave content from RESTful web service to file
webwriteWrite data to RESTful web service
weekWeek number of input date and time
weekdayDay of week
weeknum(Not recommended; use week) Week in year
whatList MATLAB files in folder
whatsnewRelease Notes
whichLocate functions and files
whileBoucle while permet de répéter tant que la condition est vraie
whitebg(To be removed) Change axes background color
whitespaceBoundaryMatch boundary between whitespace characters and non-whitespace characters (depuis R2020b)
whitespacePatternMatch whitespace characters (depuis R2020b)
whoList variables in workspace
whosList variables in workspace, with sizes and types
widthNumber of table variables
wildcardPatternMatches as few characters of any type (depuis R2020b)
wilkinsonWilkinson's eigenvalue test matrix
winopenOpen file in appropriate application (Windows)
winqueryregItem from Windows registry
winterWinter colormap array
withinrangeDetermine if timetable row times are within specified time range (depuis R2020a)
withtolTime tolerance for timetable row subscripting
wordcloudCreate word cloud chart from text data
wordDocumentImportOptionsImport options object for Microsoft Word document files (depuis R2021b)
workspaceOpen Workspace browser to manage workspace
writeWrite data to serial port (depuis R2019b)
writeWrite data to remote host over TCP/IP
writeWrite data to Bluetooth device (depuis R2020b)
writeWrite data to a characteristic or descriptor on a Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral device (depuis R2019b)
writeWrite data to I2C bus
writeWrite data to serial device (depuis R2019b)
writeWrite data to shift register
writeWrite messages to CAN bus (depuis R2020a)
writeWrite data to serial device
writeWrite data to I2C device
writeWrite messages to CAN channel (depuis R2021b)
writeWrite data to serial device
writeWrite data to I2C device
writeWrite tall array to local and remote locations for checkpointing
writeallWrite datastore to files (depuis R2020a)
writeAngularPositionRotate DC motor by specified angle in closed loop position control (depuis R2020a)
writeBytesWrite raw data to GPS module (depuis R2020a)
writecellWrite cell array to file
writeChecksumCompute and write checksum for current HDU
writeColWrite elements into ASCII or binary table column
writeCommentWrite or append COMMENT keyword to CHU
writeDateWrite DATE keyword to CHU
writeDigitalPinWrite data to digital pin on Arduino hardware
writeDigitalPinWrite logical value to GPIO output pin
writeDigitalPinWrite logical value to GPIO output pin
writeHistoryWrite or append HISTORY keyword to CHU
writeImgWrite to FITS image
writeKeyUpdate or add new keyword into current HDU
writeKeyUnitWrite physical units string
writeLCDWrite characters to LCD on EV3 brick
writeLEDTurn LED on or off
writeLEDTurn LED on or off
writelineWrite line of ASCII data to serial port (depuis R2019b)
writelineWrite line of ASCII data to remote host over TCP/IP (depuis R2020b)
writelineWrite line of ASCII data to Bluetooth device (depuis R2020b)
writelinesWrite text to file (depuis R2022a)
writematrixWrite a matrix to a file
writePixelWrite the specified color to an individual pixel at the specified row and column of LED Matrix
writePositionWrite position of servo motor
writePositionWrite position to servo motor connected to Adafruit Motor Shield
writePositionWrite position of servo motor connected to MKR Motor Carrier or Nano Motor Carrier (depuis R2020a)
writePositionWrite position of servo motor
writePWMDutyCycleGenerate PWM signal with specified duty cycle on digital pin
writePWMDutyCycleWrites PWM duty cycle to PWM pin
writePWMDutyCycleWrites PWM duty cycle to PWM pin
writePWMFrequencyWrites PWM frequency to a GPIO pin
writePWMFrequencyWrites PWM frequency to PWM pin
writePWMVoltageGenerate PWM signal with specified voltage on digital pin
writePWMVoltageWrites average PWM voltage to a GPIO pin
writePWMVoltageWrites average PWM voltage to PWM pin
writeReadWrite and read data from SPI device
writeReadWrite data to and read data from SPI device
writeReadWrite data to and read data from SPI device
writeRegisterWrite data to I2C device register
writeRegisterWrite to register on I2C device
writeRegisterWrite to register on I2C device
writeSpeedWrite speed of PID motor (depuis R2020a)
writeStatusLightControl color and mode of status light on EV3 brick
writestructWrite structure array to file (depuis R2020b)
writetableWrite table to file
writetimetableWrite timetable to file
writeVideoWrite video data to file
x2mdate(Not recommended; use datetime) Excel serial date number to MATLAB serial date number or datetime value
xGatePauli X gate
xlabelLabel x-axis
xlimSet or query x-axis limits
xlineVertical line with constant x-value
xlsfinfo(Not recommended) Determine if file contains Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
xlsread(Not recommended) Read spreadsheet file
xlswrite(Not recommended) Write spreadsheet file
xmlImportOptionsImport options object for XML files (depuis R2021a)
xmlreadRead XML document and return Document Object Model node
xmlwriteWrite XML Document Object Model node
xorFind logical exclusive-OR
xorExclusive OR of two polyshape objects
xregion1-D filled region between x-coordinates (depuis R2023a)
xscaleSet or query x-axis scale (linear or logarithmic) (depuis R2023b)
xsecondarylabelSet x-axis secondary label (depuis R2023b)
xsltTransform XML document using XSLT engine
xtickangleRotate x-axis tick labels
xtickformatSpecify x-axis tick label format
xticklabelsSet or query x-axis tick labels
xticksSet or query x-axis tick values
yearYear number of input date and time
yearsDuration in years
yGatePauli Y gate
ylabelLabel y-axis
ylimSet or query y-axis limits
ylineHorizontal line with constant y-value
ymdYear, month, and day numbers of datetime
yregion1-D filled region between y-coordinates (depuis R2023a)
yscaleSet or query y-axis scale (linear or logarithmic) (depuis R2023b)
ysecondarylabelSet y-axis secondary label (depuis R2023b)
ytickangleRotate y-axis tick labels
ytickformatSpecify y-axis tick label format
yticklabelsSet or query y-axis tick labels
yticksSet or query y-axis tick values
yyaxisCreate chart with two y-axes
yyyymmddConvert MATLAB datetime to YYYYMMDD numeric value
zerosCréer un tableau avec uniquement des zéros
zGatePauli Z gate
zipCompress files into zip file
zlabelLabel z-axis
zlimSet or query z-axis limits
zoomEnable zoom mode
zoomInteractionZoom interaction
zscaleSet or query z-axis scale (linear or logarithmic) (depuis R2023b)
zsecondarylabelSet z-axis secondary label (depuis R2023b)
ztickangleRotate z-axis tick labels
ztickformatSpecify z-axis tick label format
zticklabelsSet or query z-axis tick labels
zticksSet or query z-axis tick values